1914: the day an isolated crisis turned into a global conflict

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  Archduke Franz Ferdinand inspecting his troops in Sarajevo on 27 June 1914, the day before his assassination ©BELGA_AFP_HISTORICAL ARCHIVES OF SARAJEVO

Exactly 100 years ago Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, triggering a conflict that would soon spread throughout Europe and the world and become known as the Great War. “Remembering this lesson is the best way to honour those who fought and died”, EP president Martin Schulz said ahead of the sad anniversary.

"28 July 1914 is the day when an isolated crisis turned into a global conflict, when trenches replaced the negotiating tables, when the brinkmanship of some destroyed the lives of millions,” president Schulz said. “Hundred years after the beginning of the First World War, the events, the battles, the faces of the war are still part of Europe's shared identity and memory. They are a stark reminder of where we come from, of the frailty of interdependence and peace. Remembering this lesson is the best way to honour those who fought and died in that great catastrophe of humankind,“ he added.

Peace should not be taken for granted

The Parliament commemorated the centenary of the First World War with a plenary debate on 16 April. Members warned that peace should never be taken for granted.

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