The 1st International Rendanheyi Model Forum to be Held in Qingdao on September 20

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Are we witnessing the dawn of a new “management century” in the 21st century? How will the familiar yet mysterious Internet of Things bring profound changes to human society? From the Ford Model, to the Toyota Model, to the Rendanheyi Model, what is the possible impact of new management models on the world economy? Which is fundamental: technological innovation or management innovation? Who will take the lead in management model innovation in the Internet Age? The 1st International Rendanheyi Model Forum to be held in Qingdao on September 20 will explore these questions with the help of an illustrious group of global management gurus, including Gary Hamel and Stuart Crainer.

The forum is jointly organized by Gary Hamel’s Management Lab (MLab) and Haier Group. As the first and only high-level international forum themed on the changes in management models in the Internet Age, this event will initiate a new platform for discussing subjects on management models in the Internet Age and is dubbed as“the Davos of management world” by experts.

The Internet Age Calls for Immediate Changes of Management Models

Management is one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century. Over the past century, with the rapid development of productivity enabled by the two industrial revolutions, management has finally marched to the central stage from the sidelines and become an important driving force for socio-economic development. Management has reached and influenced every corner of enterprises and all kinds of organizations with barely any exception.

In the Internet Age, ever-emerging waves of technological innovations and business model innovations are creating a brand new Internet ecosystem. In contrast, the exploration into the Internet-based management model lags far behind. Those classic management theories once deemed the Holy Grail can no longer catch up with the new needs of businesses for development in the new era. In this context, the whole world urgently calls for the advent of disruptive Internet-based management models.

Worldwide, discussions on Internet-based management models are just emerging. Due to characteristics of the Internet such as zero distance, decentralization and distributed nature, there is no mature precedence of innovation in this area that people can readily replicate. Founders, participants, researchers and promoters need to start from scratch and try to make the leap from 0 to 1 with persistent exploration and iteration. After 12 years of practice and exploration in the Rendanheyi Model, Haier, has gradually become a leader in Internet-based management realm.

Rendanheyi Model Heralds the Third Epoch-making Management Revolution

To break down Rendanheyi, Ren refers to employees; Dan refers to user value; HeYi refers to the integration of employees’ value realization and user value creation. It is increasingly evident that the Rendanheyi Model of Haier is guided by three features, namely, its adaptability to the times, universality and cross-society attributes. Its adaptability to the times is reflected by its outright disruption of the theoretical basis of management of the industrial age and the fact that it has made groundbreaking innovation from the aspects of strategy, organization and compensation. Universality means that the model has solved the alienation of labor, a problem generated from the industrial revolutions, thus embodied human’s value in the real sense for the first time. Peter Drucker’s notion that “Everyone is their own CEO” is verified and practiced by the model. The model’s cross-society attributes show that it is highly reproducible among varied sectors, fields, cultures and regions.

From adaptability to the times, universality to cross-society attributes, the Rendanheyi Model embodies the disruption of traditional models, the liberation of human value, and the disruption of models of the whole society. The model has attracted attention and research of authoritative experts from home and abroad, and is  recognized as the first original disruptive management model since the third industrial revolution. The 1st International Rendanheyi Model Forum will also be a global platform for discussion and sharing of this model.

A Rare Feast of Management with Worlds Top Management Gurus

Besides featuring the pioneering Gary Hamel’s MLab as an organizer, the forum also presents a galaxy of speakers, including Christian Buschmann from LSE, Stuart Crainer, author of The Management Century, and Marshall W. Meyer from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. They will share the latest research on and insights into the Internet-based management models.

Zhang Ruimin, proposer of Rendanheyi model, CEO of Haier Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors, will host the forum and share how to keep pace with the times and adapt the management model accordingly. The forum will also demonstrate how the Rendanheyi Model is adopted by enterprises and organizations across varying sectors, cultures and regions and, through the Internet of Things Community Ecology Exhibition, show more visitors and customers what rewarding experience the community ecosystem driven by the Rendanheyi Model can bring to them.

Finally, the forum will offer opportunities for ordinary users to learn top management theories in an up-close manner. One may also get the chance to have face-to-face dialogues with international management gurus at the forum if one is able to show unique insight and understanding of the Internet-based management models. For those who cannot be at the venue in person, the forum is available online via media including WeChat and Microblog where the experts can answer the questions raised by their fans on the Rendanheyi Model in a “zero-distance” manner.

What exciting new ideas will this grand event for management thinking spark? What questions do you have on the Rendanheyi Model or Internet-based management? Please share your thoughts with us at the official WeChat account of Haier Group “海尔集团” or the Microblog account“海尔”.

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