24/7 Consulting Inc.

Agency Contact
2630 N. Hayden Island Drive Suite 15 Portland, OR 97217

24/7 is composed of an energetic, creative and aggressive team of communication professionals that pride ourselves in the ability to raise the client's exposure and effectiveness. Our team is seasoned in marketing, public relations, and management with backgrounds that are diverse from Fortune 100 corporations to startup companies domestically and internationally. The entire 24/7 team has more than ten years experience, even our research assistant.

24/7 believes in partnering with our clients. This means that in addition to providing an external resource and service to your company, we also act to augment your staff and internal processes. We consider ourselves a part of the internal team and work with you for seamless interactions.

We carefully select our clients based upon personalities, technology, budgets, and time commitments to make certain we are all matched up and working toward the same goal of success for your company. 24/7 is dedicated to making our clients thrive!