5 Elements Of Wildly Successful Press Releases

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1. Be professional. Press releases act like news articles, so use the right fonts and colors. Read newspapers to get a feel of what entails a press release. Use how, what, why, where, when and who.

2. Tell a story. Press releases that tell a story of rags to riches, fat to thin, sick to healthy, all strike a chord with readers and media editors will like that. Try to fit in a story into your press release whenever possible.

3. Don’t be promotional. Your press release should not act like salesletter or other promotional material. Think of your press release as an informational article about your company. Write your press release as if you were an outsider.

4. Don’t be overly dry. Although you should be professional, you must strike a balance between being too boring and being too casual. A press release that manages to achieve this balance is a good press release. Use emotional words that incite feelings, but don’t overuse them or your press release will seem too promotional.

5. Call to action. You must call your reader to action, whether you want to generate leads for your business, make direct sales or send them to a free demo page. This is maybe the most important part of your press release. You can say something like, ‘for more information, visit yoururl.com’ or ‘for more information, please call this number’. Your press release has a purpose, which is generate more business for you, so you have to tell your readers to act or they will procrastinate, which more than likely means they will not act on your offer at all.

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