Aarohan Communications

Agency Contact
Ms. Meera Tenguria 21, Shamji Ladha Bldg., Bhandarkar Road, Matunga (E), Mumbai - 400019 India

Aarohan Communications is a full-service public relations firm. We help our clients in using communication as a strategic tool for achieving their business objectives through a strategic, planned and concerted Communication Program.

We pride ourselves on being partners with our clients. Our commitment to client service is at the very heart of what we do and how we do it.

We believe:
We believe in innovation
We believe in challenging the boundaries.
We believe in loyalty to our colleagues and clients.
We believe that trust is fundamental to true partnership.
We believe that our clients' success is essential to our own success.
We believe in being an essential partner with our clients.

We approach our client's business in four ways:

First, we listen to the client and understand the company, the competition and the customers.
Second, we focus with precision on business and marketing objectives.
Third we blend our strategic advice and programs with other marketing communications efforts of our clients.
Fourth we execute with speed, precision, innovation, and results.

We believe in greater involvement with clients across a variety of communication disciplines and geographies. When we represent a client, we commit to do our very best, to deliver results, to respond promptly and to pay attention to the details. We've found the only way to deliver results is to work one-on-one with clients to implement customized plans — and then follow up relentlessly to make sure these plans accomplish what they were designed to do. Along with professionalism, and creativity, our people are hired for their commitment to do the job right.

Our Regional communications are conducted in conjunction with agency partners. The partners not only provide the service on the ground but also contribute by providing advice and guidance on the techniques and methods that work best locally, helping to maximize image and visibility on behalf of our clients.