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PressReleasePoint.com is an online public relations website where companies and agencies can submit press release free of charge. PressReleasePoint.com offers free and paid press release submission plans, press release writing service, press release distribution to online media outlets, press release submission to other free PR websites, press release monitoring service, press release syndication service and many more. PressReleasePoint.com also serves as a repository of inform about companies small and big. 

PressReleasePoint.com is a free press release distribution website to connect PR professionals with journalist. Online marketers can generate media visibility and improve their online presence by distributing press release through PressReleasePoint. Both online marketers and PR firms can take advantage of free press release distribution service to reach potential customers or target readers through various news channels. News posted on PressReleasePoint.com can reach print media outlets, online media channels, blogs, Yahoo, Google News, Topix, Other online news aggregators and search engines. Search engine optimized press release will also help companies gain more online credibility and authenticity among search engines, which will eventually result in better page rank and more search traffic to the site.

Internet age is attracting more and more people to spend their time online. Surveys are reporting a steady increase in time spent on Internet by regular users. A casual search or research over Internet is becoming part of every purchase decision, either online or offline. Number of purchase done over Internet is also increasing year over year both in terms of transaction volume and transaction value. Internet is also an effective platform for lead generation. Companies can't simply offered not to have a web presence and loose their business. Having a web presence begins with launching a web site. More important is reaching and influencing the target audience who are using Internet either for casual surfing or serious study. PressReleasePoint.com can help you reach your target audience through various channels. PressReleasePoint generates traffic by directly promoting the web site among journalist, bloggers, PR persons, direct online customers, search marketing, news distribution partnership, news aggregators and search engines. For little additional cost, PressReleasePoint.com will also post your news automatically on other popular free press release distribution web sites. Paid service also comes with direct manual posting of your news link to services like digg, reddit, newsvine. For a very small charge, we can regularly pick up the press release from your website or mailing list and post it in suitable categories in PressReleasePoint.com and other sites. Search engine optimisation can also be done free of cost.

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