Academic year and teaching periods

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The academic year at the University of Helsinki runs from August 1 until July 31, the autumn term lasting from August 1 till the end of December and spring term from January 1 till the end of July. These are the official dates; the real teaching periods are explained below.

Teaching periods

The Universityof Helsinki uses a system of teaching periods: this system is to encourage the students to plan their studies according to their own goals. Degrees constructed on an individual basis require that students be able to move smoothly between Faculties.

The academic year is divided into four seven-week teaching periods – each beginning and ending simultaneously throughout the University. There is a week's break between each of the periods. Teaching organised in the summer does not belong to the teaching periods. Examinations and special courses may, however, be arranged outside the teaching periods.

In those Faculties, where the general teaching periods are followed, there is a break in teaching for Easter. No teaching is organized three days before and three days after Easter Sunday.

Teaching periods 2017-2020

The teaching periods listed below apply to all except the degree programmes in Medicine and Dentistry . Please check the exact dates for your Faculty's teaching from the Faculty.

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