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Acquaint Media LLC 1630 North Main Street Suite 453 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Acquaint Media is a full-service solutions provider for emerging businesses and established brands alike. We focus on your business and your vision. Our talented consulting team brings senior level experience to your On Air, Online, Media, Marketing or Advertising projects. We have an extensive network of affiliates and advisors specializing in both digital and traditional marketing and content development, business development, accounting, intellectual property, and many other fields. Thus, we are able to take on large scale projects requiring a broad range of expertise and meet tight deadlines without incurring the overhead of supporting a large payroll or infrastructure. Unlike many consulting firms, Acquaint Media and audioWave Consulting brings a broad perspective and interdisciplinary insights to the table. This translates into deliverables that consistently exceed client expectations by a wide margin. Furthermore, engaging a single consulting firm to create multiple deliverables ensures a consistent, unified end product.

Ken Kohl is a dynamic broadcast executive with more than 15 years experience as a major market broadcaster. He has a proven track record as a creative and innovative product and marketing executive who has been highly successful in recruiting and building strong leaders, teams and product that has improved ratings, listenership, revenue and cash flows. Ken has successfully adapted his broadcast know-how to the digital world building highly targeted and successful On Air, Online and On Demand business models.

Prior to forming Acquaint Media Ken served as Vice President of Programming and Vice President and General Manager for CBS in San Francisco. Prior to CBS Ken spent 12 years with Clear Channel Communications and predecessor companies in key regional and national management positions.