AF news team preps for ‘28-days in AFGSC’

/ Published January 31, 2014


Two photojournalists and a broadcaster from the Air Force Public Affairs Agency here are gearing up for a 28-day trek to provide and inside and in depth look at the Air Force Global Strike mission and the Airmen who make it happen.

AFPAA documentation team members Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever, Staff Sgt. David Clark and Staff Sgt. Jon Snyder will be traveling to Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Malmstrom AFB, Mont., Minot AFB, N.D., F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo., Whiteman AFB, Mo. and Barksdale AFB, La., from Feb. 1 to Mar. 1. The team will chronicle their journey on AFGSC’s official blog and produce news features, broadcast video products and capture mission imagery for the Air Force.

AFGSC public affairs director Lt. Col. John Sheets said the news team will show the dedication the command’s Airmen have in accomplishing their mission.

Deterrence and assurance is a 24/7 mission and it takes a team of dedicated Airmen to make that happen,” Sheets said. “Whether they’re in the missile fields, on the flight line, in the back shops, or the in the skies above, the 25,000 Airmen of Global Strike Command are committed to providing safe, secure and effective combat-ready forces for nuclear deterrence and global strike operations.”

Grever, the news team's NCO in charge has experienced the nuclear enterprise's unique culture and environment when he was assigned to Minot AFB from 2001 to 2004.

"I was able to learn a lot about the Airmen who perform these critical missions when I was stationed at Minot," said Grever. "During our team's tour of AFGSC, we will meet with senior leaders and the Airmen who comprise the Air Force's nuclear enterprise. We’ll share their stories to provide some insight into the challenges they deal with being on alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

News team member Staff Sgt. David Clark, a 3rd Combat Camera Squadron broadcaster, said he's excited about getting to know the Airmen of AFGSC.

"I've worked with Airmen at several AFGSC bases during my three and a half years at 3rd Combat Camera Squadron, but I'm really looking forward to spending the next four weeks traveling around the command, getting the opportunity to learn much more about these dedicated Airmen and sharing their stories with everyone out there," Clark said.

Staff Sgt. Jon Snyder, a 3rd CTCS photojournalist, said he’s excited about the trip because it will give him the opportunity to tell the story of Airmen who have an extremely important and difficult job.

“I really want to give the viewer an understanding of who each Airman is as an individual and show how important this person is to the mission,” Snyder said. “It can be a tough job for a security forces Airman standing guard in the missile fields in -40 degree temperatures. But, it's an important job, and they know it.”

The documentation team will produce daily blog posts and share links to photo galleries and videos that will be made available on the 28 Days in AFGSC Blog at

News Source : AF news team preps for ‘28-days in AFGSC’