Ainsworth Maguire

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The Power House Parker Street Bury Lancashire BL9 0RJ
+44 (0)161 761 5606

Driving sales forward? Educating your market? Promoting corporate branding? Developing an e-marketing plan? Then public relations is the most potent business communication method you can use. More than press releases, it includes a rich palette of media techniques that convey your messages with colour and passion to relevant audiences. PR supports all your marketing objectives.

Ainsworth Maguire tailor public relations programmes to the needs of small business, SMEs and large companies. All activity is run by the senior partners. We do not charge retainer fees or for meetings. There are few technical, press release, editorial or B2B PR consultancies with the same level of experience. There are few UK PR agencies with the same understanding of how new media, online public relations and e-marketing can be harnessed to promote your business objectives.

In dynamic environments, the public relations challenge for industry is to exploit traditional, digital and emerging news channels to maximise message exposure. PR messages delivered in minutes often have a promotional investment effect that lasts for years.

We are enthusiastic about our work and passionate on behalf of our clients. Share our enthusiasm and trust us to take your PR message forward and meet the e-marketing challange. Call now: 0161 761 5606 (international locations: 00 44 161 761 5606).