Angoss Software Corporation Issued Decision Tree Patent in Europe

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Latest Patent Covers Method and System for Interactive Decision Tree Modification and Visualization

Toronto, Canada – December 16, 2013 - Angoss Software Corporation (Angoss), a global leader in delivering powerful predictive analytics software and solutions, today announced the issuance to it by the European Patent Office of a patent for a method and system for interactive decision tree modification and visualization.

The invention with patent number EP 1 763795 B1 describes a method and system of modeling decision trees within a client-server environment. Decision Trees are used as a visual and analytical decision support tool. They provide intuitive capabilities that allow users to segment populations and understand the key drivers of outcomes based on their business data. Angoss Software Corporation’s extensive experience with decision trees and its unique approach to their construction and visualization has now been recognized by the European Patent Office.

This latest patent covers technology in connection with the company’s KnowledgeSTUDIO© product and all of its interactions between the user, the client and the server when building and modifying a decision tree model. For example, to execute a “Find Split” operation, after receiving a user request, the client sends a command to the server which then finds the optimal variable to split on and how the data should be grouped to get the most predictive distribution. Once the server finds the answer, it is returned to the client to be displayed to the user for further interaction and modification.

“The most successful businesses in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace are those who gain competitive advantage by applying predictive analytics to their vast and growing amounts of data in order to discover valuable insight and intelligence,” said Martin Galligan, President and CEO. “Our unique ability to bring the power of advanced predictive analytics to business users means it is no longer the exclusive domain of statisticians and quantitative analysts. This Angoss innovation progresses the ability of marketing and sales organizations to apply predictive analytics to their business in order to improve marketing and sales performance.”

Angoss Software Corporation holds a patent for a method and system for the visual presentation of data mining models. They also hold a similar patent to the “Method and System for Interactive Decision Tree Modification and Visualization” in the US which was issued in April 2011. Data visualization helps businesses discover valuable insight and intelligence from their data and makes predictive analytics accessible and easy to use for technical and business users. The company’s leadership in delivering data visualization through interactive decision tree and strategy tree technology puts the power of interactive modelling in the hands of business users.

About Angoss Software Corporation

Angoss is a global leader in delivering predictive analytics to businesses looking to improve performance across sales, marketing and risk. With a suite of desktop, client-server and big data analytics software products and cloud solutions, Angoss delivers powerful approaches to turn information into actionable business decisions and competitive advantage. Angoss software products and solutions are user-friendly and agile, making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use. Many of the world’s leading financial services, insurance, retail, health care and information communication and technology organizations use Angoss predictive analytics software products and solutions to grow revenue, increase sales productivity and improve marketing effectiveness while reducing risk and cost. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Angoss has offices in the United States and United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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