as anti-government demonstrations in the former Soviet nation continue

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, local media reported.

The installation of the monument in an unspecified location in the Volhynia region was attended by local members of Ukraine’s Communist Party, representatives of the Russian and Belarusian communities, members of the local Anti-Fascist Committee and other public organizations, the news portal said.

Commenting on the event, the Communist Party officials said Stalin was the leader who united modern Ukraine and liberated the world from fascist forces.

The head of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Volhynia called on the communists “to rise in defense of the homeland from fascism” as Ukraine is facing a “neo-Nazi uprising.”

Three years ago, Ukrainian nationalists blew up a monument to Stalin in the Zaporizhia region on the territory of the regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a number of statues of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin across the country have been vandalized since early December amid ongoing protests against the government’s decision to halt a landmark political and free-trade deal with the European Union and, instead, opt for stronger ties with Russia.

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The Unbridled Power of Josef Stalin. Archive Footage on the 60th Anniversary of His Death

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RIA Novosti

The Unbridled Power of Josef Stalin. Archive Footage on the 60th Anniversary of His Death

One of the most notable acts of vandalism took place in the capital, Kiev, on December 8, when a landmark statue of the founder of the Soviet Union was torn down by pro-European protesters in symbolic defiance of Russian influence. Another statue of the Soviet leader was vandalized hours later in the southern town of Kotovsk.

News Source : as anti-government demonstrations in the former Soviet nation continue

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