Apprentice Sailors Reminded to Seek Ratings

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From Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- With more than 6,150 Professional Apprentice Career Track (PACT) Sailors currently serving, commands are reminded to follow the Career Waypoint (C-Way) PACT model to help non-designated Sailors strike into a rating, officials said Jan. 21.

The PACT program consists of three apprentice tracks; aviation, engineering and surface. PACT Sailors enlist for an initial four-year active service obligation and receive initial apprenticeship training for their track to fill apprentice-level billets in the fleet. Upon arrival at their first permanent duty station, commands conduct rating eligibility screening and develop a career progression plan during the PACT Sailor's career development board to identify on-the-job training that leads to a viable career field within two years on board.

Command Career Counselors use the C-Way Designation model to determine PACT Sailor eligibility and available quotas for their desired rating prior to submitting applications.

"The career counselor works with Sailors to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for the job they want," said Earl Salter, C-Way deputy director, Bureau of Naval Personnel. "If they don't meet those minimum requirements, the counselor will use C-Way to help discover what options they have, such as retaking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to improve their score, or finding an alternative rating where they are qualified."

To remain eligible for benefits provided by the PACT program, Sailors must:

- Maintain job eligibility;

- Have no non-judicial punishments within 12 months of attending "A" school;

- Have passed the most recent physical readiness test and be within body composition standards;

- Have no marks on performance evaluations below 3.0;

- Maintain world-wide assignment eligibility;

- Meet service time obligation after "A" school for a follow-on job assignment.

Commands may submit up to three choices per applicant from one of the following: Navy-wide Advancement Exam (NWAE), Fleet "A" School, or Direct Rating Entry Designation (RED). For Fleet "A" School Sailors must have a minimum of 12 months on board. Direct Rating Entry Sailors must meet time in rate (TIR) requirements for the NWAE or have 12 months onboard whichever comes first. Approvals for RED will be determined by unit billet base, on-board manning status and Sailor eligibility. An additional requirement for the RED is that commands must have a vacant valid billet on board to apply.

Sailors will not have the option to request RED for those ratings which are "A" School required. For the Navy-wide Advancement Exam, Sailors must meet TIR requirements. PACT Sailors wanting to change apprenticeship tracks may submit applications through Fleet RIDE requesting apprenticeship change. Once approved, the PACT Sailors can then apply for ratings that they qualify for in the new career track.

"PACT Sailors can apply to any community as long as there is an available quota and the Sailor meets the minimum qualifications," Salter said. "Applying for ratings that have more quotas will greatly increase a Sailor's opportunity for approval sooner. This will allow the Sailor additional time to prepare for the NWAE and possibly increased advancement opportunity."

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