As “Arab Tsunami” Rages, Look to the Past to Understand Why

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With Gary Berntsen, Jim Hanson, Amb. Yoram Ettinger, Dr. Kiron Skinner

Any policymaker who leans on Israel to be more lenient towards Palestinian terrorism, towards Islamic terrorism, is bringing that threat closer to the American mainland.”  - Amb. Yoram Ettinger

GARY BERNTSEN, former Commander of all CIA forces in Eastern Afghanistan:

  • An overview of past contested political elections that are adding to the political turmoil in Afghanistan
  • The Afghan National Security Forces’ heavy reliance on American military support
  • Ideas for a new U.S. force structure in Afghanistan

JIM HANSON, former Army Special Forces Master Sergeant:

  • Major General Harold Greenes’s death in Afghanistan and the larger problem of “green on blue” attacks
  • Reasons behind the U.S.’s engagement in Iraq to protect the Yazidi minority, compared to its non-action in Syria