Industry Expert Confirms DJ Talent is Exceptional in Sydney

Celebrate Entertainment is Sydney's leading DJ hire company. In an interview with Eleven Media, they confirmed that Sydney continues

Preserving Meta-Characters during Replacement & Enhanced LINQ Reporting Engine inside Java Apps

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It contains over 63 useful new features, enhancements & bug fixes, such as new Feature to Preserve Meta-Characters During

Bill Thomas Releases Paranormal Book Entitled "The Three Souls"

The book is available as an ebook and a paperback.

Abayas Predicted to Keep Shukr a First in Modest Fashion

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While Abayas continue to be at a top selling item of Islamic clothing company SHUKR predicts Abayas will continue to be a favored

A wonderful Family Retreat at Sheraton Sharm Hotel

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Treat the family to a break from the ordinary and escape to a world of warmth and comfort. Bring the whole family together and enjoy

Google Pushes Paperless Healthcare in Real Time

Despite the trend towards digitalized healthcare, there are many healthcare systems dependent upon paper records. Will real-time

The Boy Who Couldn't Be Seen Provides Hope for Marginalized Children

Being a child no one wants is a horrible position for any youngest, especially the young boy in first time author, Michael Joffoy’s

Shoghi Comint and Sigint Capabilities

Communication Intelligence - Comint and Signal Intelligence - SIGINT have been the traditional means of intelligence gathering right

The Dangers and Risks of Using Spreadsheets for Workforce Management in the Cruise Sector, the latest blog from Dynama

According to Lee Clarke at Dynama, ditching spreadsheets is the first step to success in today's highly competitive cruise market.

Remington College Dallas Campus extends enrollment period to January 22

It’s not too late to enroll for classes at Remington College Dallas Campus. Remington College extended its January enrollment until