Are your buildings energy thieves or climate heroes?

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Most businesses and organisations have a great potential just waiting to be unlocked: their buildings.

Understanding how to manage the energy system around a building can result in financial gains and help the environment at the same time. EIT InnoEnergy’s new online course, Energy efficiency for better buildings, offers up-to-date insights that can be tailored to course participants’ specific premises.

Buildings account for 40% of primary energy consumption in Europe. And 36% of CO2 emissions. By improving the energy efficiency and energy consumption of our buildings, we could easily make progress toward climate goals. For property owners or investors, energy managers or architects, and others who work with facilities management or buildings, the right knowledge can help benefit business and contribute to a more sustainable future at the same time. That is why iSE by EIT InnoEnergy is launching a new 8-week online course on energy efficient buildings. Led by experts in a wide range of fields, it provides the key concepts, tools, and strategies for smart energy management of the future.

Helping the environment, and the bottom line

How much can an organisation’s energy use and overall carbon emissions be reduced? Probably quite a lot. The course is based on real-life scenarios modelled on those encountered in professional life. It supplies the tools and skills to manage energy consumption more effectively but also the knowledge to access potential investment options that fit specific requirements, needs and constraints.

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Frank Gielen, Director of Education at EIT InnoEnergy, explains why this course is so important: 'The quest to produce energy is counterbalanced by the quest to prevent energy loss. Structures like buildings are hubs in future energy systems.'

Gain entry to a world of expertise

Managing the energy use of a building is about much more than technology and economics. It is a truly multi-disciplinary challenge, and that is why the course has been developed by a consortium of highly-regarded bodies in the field of energy management, covering a wide range of expertise such as IST (Instituto Superior Técnico) in Lisbon, and UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). They provide relevant advice relating to the participant’s specific facilities, both during the course and after.

'Our courses are more than education,' says Frank Gielen. 'They add value by providing a network as well. The tutors are experts from industry and other key actors, people that you can contact in your professional role.'

Efficient online education for active professionals

The course is designed for those wanting to achieve direct results in their work. But it is also aimed at students in higher education who want to add value for their future career. The flexible and efficient online format is a key to its effectiveness and your success. That is why you can find this course and many others at the iSE, The Institute of Sustainable Energy, our online portal for professional courses.

Frank Gielen explains: 'All our courses are aimed at professionals – people who cannot spend much time on education, yet they want to learn a lot and be ready to use it in a few weeks. That is why we are putting so much effort into accessibility and are using the best e-learning tools available.'

Find this course and a range of others in your field of interest at iSE – The Institute of sustainable energy

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