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Tuesday, November 22 – 5:00 pm
Museum of the Near East, Egypt and the Mediterranean
Rectorate Building (by CIAO Office)
On Tuesday, November 22, Sapienza Archaeologist Marcella Frangipane will illustrate the once glorious history of the City of Arslantepe, the Hill of Lions, a powerful political centre in Eastern Anatolia until the 5th century BC.

The archaeological site of Arslantepe now lies on the right hand shore of the Euphrates River, six kilometres away from the modern city by the same name. The many layers at the site house thousands of years of history and the great 30-metre high artificial hill with a surface of four hectares.

Excavation at the site has unearthed proof of the central political and economic role played by Arslantepe throughout its history. Indeed, the dig has investigated the various ages on a surface area of over 3500 square metres.

Sapienza Professor of Near and Middle Eastern Archaeology Marcella Frangipane has coordinated the mission in Turkey since 1990. Moreover, she is not only the only humanist, but also the only Italian woman to be a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

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