Banks Get Even Bigger, Federal Reserve Pushes Inflation Causing Gold Prices Rise To Record Highs.

Craig Griffin, Founder and President of ITM Trading and Jim Rickards, Author of "Currency Wars" and "The Death Of Money" discuss the The increased size of the banking system, The Federal Reserve increasing inflation raising gold past record levels.

Phonix, AZ, USA., May 1, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - ITM Trading, a gold and silver investment firm out of Phoenix, Arizona, recently interviewed Jim Rickards, an attorney, U.S. government consultant on financial war and terrorism, author, investment banker and well known economist about his new book titled ”The Death of Money,” as well as some of Jim’s frightening predictions for the U.S. and world economies. Jim has been seen regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg and other outlets with his commentary on the coming financial collapse and sharp rise in the price in gold in the coming years. Jim is also Director of Tangent Capital and has for several years worked closely with the CIA on multiple financial national security issues. Below are some paraphrased excerpts from this exclusive interview.
A Cause For Alarm, The Too Big To Fail Banks Got Bigger Creating A Potential Collapse Too Big Too Fix?
Jim Rickards talks about the increasing size of the financial system and how this growth exponentially increases the risk inherent to the system. So large in fact that Jim believes that the next financial collapse will not be able to be contained by the Fed.
Could the U.S. Federal Reserve create inflation sending gold to over $3,000.00?
The Fed’s long term plan is to continually create inflation, and there will come a point at which inflation will reach run-away proportions. Jim says that just regular inflation could take gold to $3,000 or more.
Could There Be A Return To The Gold Standard?
As far as the future price of gold is concerned, Jim believes that one day we will return to a gold standard worldwide. He estimates that gold would need to be about $9,000 per ounce to support the trade and finance that we already have going on in the world today.
The Real Truth On China and Their Record Demand For Gold
China finally surpassed India as the world's largest importer of physical gold. The Internet is wild with rumors and speculation. Jim sets the record straight with the real reason behind China’s record gold purchases.
Listen to the entire 30 minute interview and Jim’s candid economic analyses, go to

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