Best Press Release Writing - 3 Beginner Tips to Press Release Writing

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Press releases are news announcements, whether through online publications or through traditional media. You can use it as a promotions and advertising tool. To be effective however, you should write it in news format. Publications editors don’t like press releases that sound like an ad copy or business flyers. These editors want news and if your release is too skewed on advertising, expect it to land in the front pages of the trash can. The best press release writing is the seamless integration of hard news, human interest story, and advertising. Here are 3 tips to effective press release writing:

1. Be sure to have something news worthy to write. If you want to advertise your new online company through press release, don’t write purely about it. Write something unique about it like new methods, incredible earnings, and so on. For example, an editor will publish a release with this headline: New ABZ Company Discovers New Method to Earn Millions, rather than a luck luster item like: Introducing the New ABZ Company.

2. Create a slant to your press release. A news slant is the unique and very specific angle of your press release. Don’t write generalizations for this is not news worthy. What is news worthy and of human interest is the angle. In the first example, the angle is about new method of earning millions. If you’re a reader, you’ll definitely read the article.

3. Follow the traditional 4 W’s and 1 H format in writing a news report. Press releases are news items therefore you should follow the rule in news writing. You must also follow the inverted triangle format in listing important information. Your most important information should be at the top while those with lesser importance should be placed below. This is important because editors are constrained for publication space. They usually cut items below your head paragraph. If this happens, your lead information can be retained.

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