The Best/Worst of Obamacare Propaganda

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Selling the president's health care law, one shareable brainfart at a time.

July 1, 2014

Pajama Boy

This onesie-clad king of Obamacare propaganda first appeared with his hot chocolate in a December 2013 , but has cropped up elsewhere in more formal attire as part of a campaign nagging parents to nag their children about getting health insurance (only after they finally leave mom and dad's plan at the tender age of 26, thanks to an early provision of the president's health care plan). The bespectacled millennial has been hailed as the lovechild of MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Rush Limbaugh asked if Pajama Boy was "the new Julia." All of which means that as propaganda, Pajama Boy was a resounding success. As Nick Gillespie wrote, the image:

is widely talked about and has effectively won the internet for at least a few days. And it creates a whole host of carriers for its essential message via parody, satire, screeds, and more. Some of the parodies and rewrites are genuinely funny and some are not (the ones that reek of conservative insecurity about sexual identity strike me as their own form of unfortunate expression). But they all ultimately do what the spot's creators wanted: They get people talking about health insurance.

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  • Sevo|7.1.14 @ 12:50PM|#

    Maybe it's somewhere, but you left out the part from the print version where Sebilius strong-arms organizations that she regulates to pitch O-care.

    Why she hasn't been investigated for conflict of interest is a mystery to me.

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