BioLit SafeDye Stain, Taq Polymerases and Teaching Kits and Taq Polymerases

SRL introduces newer Safer substitutes for Ethidium Bromide in Molecular Biology labs, with the BioLit SafeDye Stain and other products.

BioLit products are specialized Molecular Biology products offered by one of Asia’s largest manufacturers of Electrophoresis & Molecular Biology grade reagents and chemicals, Sisco Research Laboratories. The Company, apart from introducing its own range of high quality Taq Polymerases and high utility MolBio Teaching Kits, has also launched a revolutionary new product, called SafeDye Stain. This product is a result of the year long research at SRL into Ethidium Bromide substitutes for DNA staining.

Launched in the Indian Lab Chemical market in May 2010, the BioLit SafeDye Stain has far reaching applications in DNA labeling and related studies. Prominent scientists in Research Institutes of high repute like Indian Institute of Technology, Centre for Cellular Biology, Indian Institute for Cellular Biology, and others have expressed satisfaction using these products and have applauded the Company for coming up with products such as these, in place of carcinogenic and mutagenic products such as EtBr.

With more and more users trying safer products such as these, the Indian and Asian Industry is definitely moving towards a more protected lab environment.

More information about BioLit products is available on

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