The Birth Anniversary Of Yogi Ashwini, In The Year Of His Entering Vanprasth (23/03/2014),

On the birth anniversary of Yogi Ashwini, in the year of his entering vanprasth (23/03/2014), Dhyan Foundation is organising havans, free-food-distribution (langars) and feeding cows, dogs and monkeys all over the world.

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On the birth anniversary of Yogi Ashwini, in the year of his entering vanprasth (23/03/2014), Dhyan Foundation is organising havans, free-food-distribution (langars) and feeding cows, dogs and monkeys all over the world
New Delhi, 24th March, 2014: In this age of crass commercialization and collapse of values, Yogi Ashwini has stood as a beacon of hope and salvation. To celebrate this occasion Dhyan Foundation commemorated the occasion globally by organizing havans, langars and feeding of animals around the world.
People from all walks of life- bureaucrats, corporate executives, businessmen and journalists all joined hands in organising the above. In earlier times, birthdays  were celebrated to not only mark one’s growing older by a year but also one’s taking a step closer to merging back into the infinite that one arose from. Traditionally, birthdays were celebrated by performing havan to connect to the cosmos and awaken one’s latent hidden potential through specific chants prescribed by the Guru. Havans are a medium to interact with the divine being, the proof of which can be seen in the divine manifestations that occur and are visible in the agni at Vedic havans conducted under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini.  
The ancients followed the Lunar calendar, which very accurately predicts the congruence of energy on various days. This includes the seventh day of Krishna Paksh in the month of chaitra, which falls on March 23rd this year. It is a powerful day, the very day Yogi Ashwini was born. This is the day which resonates with the energy corresponding to His energy form.
While every birthday is a point of transition in the life of an individual; there are three that are especially powerful – the day one turns 25, 50 and 75. On these specific days the shakti of an individual goes through a major transformation which can be used for manifold progress. The 25th year marks the age at which one enters the physical life after completing education,  the 50th year  the time when one starts devoting their energy to connecting with the cosmos and shaktis therein to prepare for a higher life.  In the the 75the year one gives up everything to merge back with the source from which we all have come, which is the ultimate purpose of life.
Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organisation committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yoga, as laid down by Sage Patanjali 4500 years ago. It is run solely by volunteers who are engaged day in and day out in helping the creation, without any remuneration for their services. These volunteers hail from all walks of life – business magnates, journalists, doctors, designers, lawyers, scholars, home-makers and normal people – driven and guided on the path of sadhna and service by Yogi Ashwini, a true living master.
Formed in 2002, Dhyan Foundation today is a global phenomenon with centers all across the world where classes for Sanatan Kriya are conducted free of cost. The Foundation is actively engaged in a host of charities including free distribution of food at multiple places, saving wildlife and looking after injured animals, running schools for street kids, sponsoring higher education of the poor and the blind, finding employment for the unemployed, spreading awareness about environmental issues etc. and all of this is done without any government funding or selling any products, solely out of  the funds of Yogi Ashwini and from the contributions of the volunteers.
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