Bjart: Haier is bound to impress us in management innovations.

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Bjart Bogsnos, author of the book Beyond Budgeting, vice president of Statoil Company visited Haier on April 19-21. Bjart paid a visit to exhibitions featured culture and life, had communications with Makers in various areas and shared his expertise. Besides, he also exchanged views with CEO Zhang Ruimin on management innovations. Bjart said: "Haier is bound to impress us in management innovations." ”

Bjart views that management innovations will become Haier's competitive advantage as the company will use the passion for scientific innovations to promote management innovations. Bjart was interested in "salad culture" and he believed that the Rendanheyi Model would be successful in GEA.

Bjart regarded revolution and innovation as a journey. The farther you go forward, the stronger your feeling. Bjart said: "The process of a company from small size into a large one is similar to that of a person, flexible at an early age and gradually becomes aging as time flies. Unlike our body having no right in choice, companies and organizations have full freedom in decision. ”

“The definition of beauty is not limited in size. Only the process from small to large can be claimed as beauty indeed. "CEO Zhang Ruimin showed agreement with Bjart, and he thinks that instead of predicting the future, it is better to create the future. ” We set no boundaries in starting business, in fact, as long as you start business and innovate, there is no end. ”

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