Bob Struble: CES 2014 Confirms Radio’s Competitive Challenge

iBiquity CEO Highlights CES Trends and Implications for Radio Broadcasters

February 27, 2014 – Columbia, MD  In his latest online column, Bob Struble, President & CEO of iBiquity Digital, the developer of HD Radio™ Technology, recaps his findings from the 2014 CES Show.  His conclusion:  “the trends toward broad connectivity and a tremendously competitive audio market are... accelerating. Broadcasters must redouble their efforts to keep their hard fought place in the media mix.”
What:  Latest edition of “Thoughts on Radio’s Digital Future” by Bob Struble, CEO of HD Radio Technology developer, iBiquity Digital Corporation
Key Messages:
"Consumer electronics in cars – the infotainment system – has become a critical buying factor in new car sales, as important as acceleration, gas mileage and safety ratings."
"AM/FM has great content, but position on the screen is being decided by automotive product people who are demanding visually-enhanced experiences. In many ways the blank analog screen has lost its position on the dashboard to other more fully-featured services. HD Radio broadcasting is imperative in the race to keep up."
"Yesterday's clock radio is probably a dock, table radios and boom boxes have become Bluetooth speakers, and my generation's transistor radio or headphone radio or Walkman is now a phone."
"Radio's... core broadcast product (is) proving to be a better business (than streaming),  even in this hyper-targeted, hyper-competitive world."
"What (the Internet of Things) means for broadcaster is this: in a very short period of time, every device that has an AM/FM tuner, will also have an internet connection. And that has profound competitive implications."
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