Bock Communications, Inc.

Agency Contact
Bock Communications, Inc. U.S. Corporate Office: 3750 South Susan Street, Suite 100 South Coast Metro, CA 92704
1(714) 540-1030

Since 1995, Southern California-based Bock Communications has provided full-service public relations and marketing services for the world's premiere telecommunications and high technology companies. The agency enjoys international renown via a client roster that includes a variety of regional, national, and global entities. The agency also has offices in Boston, Massachusetts.

We have built our reputation on a dynamic balance of creativity and strategic implementation. Our programs deliver high-impact results with a paramount goal: to escalate mindshare. We help our clients develop core messages, and we ensure those messages appear in print.

The Bottom Line: Results-driven success.


No nonsense. No padding. No jargon. We build clients' credibility by addressing the market head-on, by communicating their cases with directness and gusto. We maximize resources, and we listen.

Bock Communications enjoys a long heritage of success with global business, broadcast, trade, analyst, and financial communities, and we translate that reputation into achievement for our clients. We leverage our credibility to help our clients fulfill their worldwide public relations and marketing objectives.