Breakthrough Connections have Been Made Between Chakra, the Aura, and Science.

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The theory behind the soul and other New Age esoteric claims has arrived. In a mix of ancient and contemporary information Bornbazie Flame is spreading his philosophy of the benefits of a love based lifestyle. His predicted best seller Mode Of Living is the first complete manual for taking care of the physical and immaterial body. The mystery man claims “living in love is the path of perfection and harmony with natural order.”

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The love based lifestyle, not only bridges religion and science but provides a step by step guid to living a content life that limits diseases, which is consequential of not living in love. Pseudoscience is the first argument against wizards speaking of energies and vibes. Now this revolutionary ebook is giving academics the hassle of debunking claims based on curricula science.

Borbazie Flame, Mode Of Living's author explains people have two aspect, “that of the animal (Human) and that of the Voice (Being).” Voice is consciousness - a phenomenon of immaterial source symbiotically connected with the universe via a feedback loop system. A system enabling someone to program any fathomable manifestation and evolve with the environment.


Those unaware of their programming aptitude may be shocked when discovering they contributed to encountered unfavourable circumstances. Fortunately the revelation comes with instructions on how to end the cycle of pain. The formula for attaining greatness, vitality, increasing beauty, and the way to becoming the sun of the universe has been written.


In regards to manifestation - Mr Flame explains consciously choosing tense of words and thought is a way to actively program the world for personal alignment with chosen desire. The ability to program is dependant on how strong the Humans magnetic/aura field is, how coherent transmittance of desire is, and personal connection to the universe. The magnetic field is the Human equivalent of Earths electromagnetic field (EMF), or any EMF encompassing electrical or bioelectrical equipment, of which a Human is. A strong field acts like the immune system in protecting the body - keeping it healthy. A weakening field is a sign of biological ageing and disease.


The EMF is subject to ability in receiving universal Source energy (love), which is dependant on how conductive the Human is. The development of the aura is dependant on the crystallinity of the humans energy centres (chakra). How balanced the aura is depends on chakra condition and cognition.


This brings Mode Of Living's content to the explanation of what positive and negative consumption of immaterial and material substance is: a balanced diet unknown to glossy magazines and health organizations recommendations.


Living in love requires the achievement of personal dreams, as partaking in activities bringing stress cuts off the flow of love causing the field to leak. This reduction of charging causes insatiable hunger, fatigue, and cravings. These symptoms of breaks in charging are evident in consumer culture that is trying to buy feeling good.


Fact: People are restricted to a limited spectrum of what they see and hear. Does this mean our minds are also confined to beliefs that suit a limited spectrum. People should accept themselves as masters of their universe and take positive action to encourage the realizations of their dreams.

Mode Of Living concentrates on informing the reader on how to develop a deeper understanding of the human condition, and how that awareness can be applied for achieving vitality, wellbeing, and optimal health. It can also be used to overcome complicated diseases, and as a preventative of developing hereditary dysfunctions such as balding.

Fans of The Secret should be especially excited as Mode Of Living offers a concise formula for manifestation, and picks off where many thought it lacked substance.

Bornbazie's to the point expositions and explanations of behaviour might not be what everyone wants to hear, but for someone who posted 'ignorance is not bliss' on Facebook - should people expect any different.

New Agers will revel with Mr Flame's academic explanations, while academics will be forced to debunk another contemporary urban guru. Having been compared with the Vatican and Deepak Chopra, Mode Of Living is destined to grow in popularity and more so in controversy.


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