Buy Store Credits


Store credits allows frequent customers to buy payment credit points which can be used in future for quick one-click cardless payments . Store credit points can be used for easy payment instead of using PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Card etc every time. Regular users can save time by buying store credit points once and using that to pay for multiple orders later. One can avoid many steps involved in credit card payments by using store credits. Using store credits for order payments does not require a credit card or PayPal account. PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit Card etc is required only for buying or topping-up store credits itself.

Some more details about store credits.

* $1 = 100 Store Credit Points
* 100 Store Credit Points will be cosumed for paying $1 using store credits payment method.
* Store credit points must be bought for minimum of $25 and multiples of $1 thereafter.
* 100 points will be added to your store credits for every dollar of purchase made using this page.
* Quantity: Enter the amount (in US$) you want to pay in the quantity box. Minimum 25, any number above 25.
* Genuine request for cancellation and refund of store credits will be processed within three days .
* Store credits will be valid for a period of 730 days (2 Years) from the date of purchase.
* Customers who wish to pay using regular means can do so even if they have unused store credits.
* Customers can view their store credit by visiting this page after login.
* Store credits bought using Google checkout will be credited to your account 2 hours after successful payment.

Price: $1.00