Cannes: The Digital Revolution is Changing Filmmaking

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"The world is changing and I think adapting is good," explains Clara Massot, coordinator for the Next Pavilion at the

Marché du Films, the expansive marketplace that each year coincides with the Cannes Film Festival. The Next Pavilion gathers companies, producers, and filmmakers interested in exploring new alternative models to a changing film business.

"Digital is changing everything," says Massot. "Today you can do everything through [digital technology], from writing your film, from getting financing, from distributing by yourself. It is like you are your own gatekeeper as a filmmaker."

Reason TV's Meredith Bragg caught up with Massot to discuss the impetuous for the Next Pavilion, the democratization of film, and how new technology is empowering the audience.

Meredith Bragg is managing editor of Reason TV.

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News Source : Cannes: The Digital Revolution is Changing Filmmaking
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