Carson Fitch Advise How to Profit From a Weak Dollar: Bet on Commodities

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The Dollar's value has dropped further in recent months and investors believing there is vulnerability in the U.S. economy.

New York, NY, United States., March 20, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -The U.S. balance sheet has been under attack since 2001, when President Bush and congressional Republicans in Washington doubled the national debt from $5.6 trillion in 2000 to $10 trillion in 2008.

But lately, market watchers have been proclaiming the end of the Dollar even more loudly -- thanks largely to U.S. dependence on China to finance their debt, and the clear future of their annual deficits. For many investors, the question in this environment has been whether to bet on stocks, which have fallen 17% in the last year, or to stay "safe" in money market funds yielding 0.4%. But Carson Fitch advise of a third way that is helping the average investor: Placing bets on commodities through commodity options.

Carson Fitch explain that, “Commodity prices, particularly gold, have gone up quite dramatically in recent weeks. Corn has spiked 54% in the last year and cotton recently hit a 140-year record.

“To understand why commodity prices have gone up, you need to understand the supply and demand, both for the underlying commodity and the currency in which it is traded -- and in most cases that currency is the Dollar. As the Dollar drops, the price of commodities traded becomes cheaper for non-Dollar investors, which encourages new money into the markets. New money will always push prices higher,” Charles Haye, senior analyst at Carson Fitch explained.

“We recommend investing in individual commodities as the safest trade. But there are diversified commodity funds that the more experienced and less risk averse investor might consider,” Haye concluded.

Carson Fitch

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