Celebrate Spring at the Monthire with a Day of Seasonal Science

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Apr 23, 2018
For Immediate Release

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, the Montshire Museum of Science will present Celebrate Spring: The Science of the Season—an entire day dedicated to the natural history of spring happenings. Enjoy guided outdoor walks that focus on insects, birds, and nature. Experience the science of spring inside the museum by discovering ferns, flowers, seeds, water insects, amphibians, and everyone’s favorite—baby chicks!

Outdoor Explorations

  • Bird Walk on Meadow Loop \\ 11am–12pm

    Learn about birds, their habitats, and their behaviors from an experienced birder. 

  • Nature Walk on Woodland Garden Path \\ 1–2pm

    Discover local spring flora on a guided nature walk. 

  • Insect Safari at the Meadow \\ 3–4pm

    Grab a net and meet some local not-so-creepy crawlies.

Indoor Explorations

  • Baby Chicks \\ 11am–1pm

    Welcome a variety of baby chicks into the season and explore their life cycle, with the help of volunteers from Welch's Woodstock True Value.  

  • Water Insect Exploration \\ 11am–12:30pm

    Ever wonder what lives at the bottom of a stream or pond? Find out at this science activity. 

  • Ferns \\ 12pm

    Take a closer look at these very recognizable plants and you might be surprised with what you’ll find. 

  • Amphibian Calls \\ 1:30–2pm; 2:45–3:15pm

    Learn about the calls of our local frogs and toads, and how they vary throughout the year. 

  • Flower Dissections \\ 2pm

    Using tweezers and a microscope as your tools, take apart a flower and learn about its different parts. 

  • Local Amphibians Close Up \\ 2–3pm

    Get a close look at some local amphibians.

  • Seedy Science \\ 4pm

    Explore seed diversity and adaptations with a closer look under microscopes. 

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