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The internet is known for the free and rapid dissemination of uncensored information, but lately sites and services have been censoring content

City, State, United Kingdom., October 6, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint) - Social media sites (such as Facebook) have played critical roles in real-world revolutions. The ability for the average person to spread ideas, news and information - without corporate or government censorship has brought about massive power and freedom to people. But what happens when the key websites - the ones people rely upon to spread those messages start censoring that content? Bad things, right? Well, this seems to be happening a lot recently, especially to Christians and most recently to Elizabeth Johnston, also known as "Activist Mommy". who was shocked when Facebook shut down her account for expressing biblical views.


So what's the alternative?

Godinterest a Christian social networking service created in 2014. Its core purpose is to promote Christian values and facilitate spiritual inspiration through the sharing of photographs and other media in the style of Pinterest and Twitter. Its content includes media about Christian history, personal, family oriented stories and various contents from a Christian viewpoint.


The site was developed by Dean, a 39-year-old Construction Project Director from London. Jones said, "We are a Christian social networking website and are mindful of the values that we as Christian’s are bound by. God is the creator, his creation is not only humans but extends further than we can imagine. Godinterest enables users to capture elements of life from different points a view within a Christian environment. Also Godinterest will never BAN users for quoting verses from the Bible unlike other mainstream social networking sites who have liberal agendas, including Wikipedia who mysteriously deleted the Godinterest page after a long reoccuring debate.”


Jones said “It’s hard to express the degree to which the Internet is changing society. With mobile technology becoming such a huge part of our lives most people couldn’t envision life without it. At every point within the bible God made a way for His Church to embrace the opportunities to tell more people of His love, and I believe that the Internet is no different. At Godinterest we couldn’t be more convinced that God has a purpose for this technology, and so Godinterest is dedicated to utilising it to empower believers throughout the world to share the life changing message of Jesus."


"Churches can register and share their sermons, videos, photos and updates online. Church members can converse with other likeminded individuals in the safe knowledge that the information shared and stored will not be used for marketing or promotion. Non-Christians are also welcome.”


Other reasons to sign up? 


  1.  "Godinterest will not BAN users for quoting verses from the Bible unlike other mainstream social networking sites who have liberal agendas."
  2. "There are no adds. I repeat , there are NO ADS. Users will never again click on a sponsored post which inevitably leads to a popup advert."
  3. "If users decide to leave Godinterest their posts are deleted from the site forever."
  4. "Our users friends won't know your exact location  If you've updated your Facebook app recently, you may have noticed that you now get a lovely notification whenever one of your Facebook friends is nearby. Luckily, it won't happen with Godinterest. According to the website's Godinterest collects only anonymous info about a users location, language, referring website and time spent."
  5. "Godinterest isn't trying to be the next Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter "Because Godinterest does not sell ads, Godinterest does not consider them to be competitors," Dean said. "Godinterest considers mainstream social networking services as an advertising platforms. Godinterest operate's on a non for profit basis."
  6. "Godinterest lets users upload full-screen, high quality photos or animations to their profile."


It's clear that Godinterest values privacy in a way that no other social media site does. "Godinterest is not trying to sign up everyone in the world, if people are not into what Godinterest provides, they can go use Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter instead. Non-Christians are welcome."


However, if people are ready to see what’s happening on Godinterest? Sign up today at Godinterest.com 


Note to Editors: To arrange an interview with Dean Jones, please contact Dean Jones at M +44(0)7939 024086 or via e-mail at editor@godinterest.com.



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