Centel Media Reviews Why Individuals Need Reputation Management Just As Much As Businesses.

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The need for online reputation management is growing almost as fast as the internet itself. Businesses are beginning to realize how much is at stake when their reputations are damaged and how vital protecting their image and brand is. But businesses are not the only ones who can be hurt by vicious online attacks. Individuals need strong online protection as well, but they often don’t realize it until major damage is already done. Centel Media reviews the top reasons people need to protect their personal reputation online.

New York, New York, United States., January 11, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - If someone owns a small business, people who are angry with the owner can expertly go after it. Most often this is not a disgruntled customer, but an ex-spouse or ex-employee who wants some kind of vengeance. With small businesses, the reputation of the owner and of the business is distinctly intertwined. The owner represents the business, and if he is considered untrustworthy or deceitful, potential customers believe the business probably is as well.


But online reputation management doesn’t just defend against attacks. Sole proprietorships and small businesses also need to analyze the impression they give when people search their name.  If someone is a caterer, for example, but when his name is searched and someone else with the same name who sells hiking gear dominates the first pages of the search engines, then all the power of the internet disappears for the caterer.  Similarly, if someone searches for the caterer and the only information they can find is that he likes fly fishing  and motor biking, that isn’t helping his business either. There needs to be a well-considered, consistent strategy for creating and maintaining someone’s online reputation. That’s why professional reputation management companies are so vital in today’s world.


Centel Media reviews the reputations of businesses and individuals every day and sees a lot of mistakes. They have seen the astronomical power good reputations have to boost a company’s standing and sales. But they have also seen the other side. They have seen good companies with hard-working, dedicated employees decimated by the malicious attacks of anonymous disgruntled computer users. Effective online reputation management ensures that when the attacks come, which sooner or later probably will, a reputation is not unfairly demolished because of them. Everyone has the right to control their image online, and everyone should be using it.

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