Child Friendly Car in Batang Air Sub Village

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The children of Batang Air sub-village, Sajingan Besar, West Kalimantan are very enthusiastic to read books provide by mobile library from Wahana Visi Indonesia office in Sambas. Some elder women even accompany their children to read books.

Child Friendly Car is a simple mobile library that is designed to reach many children in many places. Children can read books from the library to improve their knowledge.

Batang Air Sub Village is one of Wahana Visi Indonesia's service area in Sajingan Besar Sub District that is firstly visited by the mobile library. Children and parents happily welcome the presence of the mobile library. Many children amaze when the mobile library firstly comes to the sub village because they have never seen similar car. Besides reading books from the library, children can follow socialization on the danger of flooding.

Children dare to speak when they are asked to tell their knowledge they get after reading books or from their experience when they are affected by flood. Actually, they are as smart as the children from the city. A few mothers also read recipe books telling how to cook or prepare cakes. They are enthusiastically read those books and some of them try to ask whether they are allowed to bring home the books so that they can copy the recipes.

The children hope that the mobile library will visit their sub village routinely. In order that children become more enthusiastic to gather, the mobile library is expected to provide video player so that the children can also enjoy educative video.

*Written by Tuhu Sendiko, Child Sponsorship Management Project Coordinator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at Sambas operational office

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