Citizen Unveils The Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus

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CITIZEN announces the arrival of their latest flagship model, the PROMASTER Eco-Drive ALTICHRON CIRRUS.

Dubai, Dubai, Country., April 26, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -
CITIZEN announces the arrival of their latest flagship model, the PROMASTER Eco-Drive ALTICHRON CIRRUS. Launching in May this year, this stunning chronograph, which encapsulates both altimeter and compass features, was heralded at BASELWORLD this year. The ALTICHRON CIRRUS will be available at select points of sale in the region for Middle East enthusiasts.
This newest creation in the renowned PROMASTER line features dual sensors for an electronic compass and altimeter will be available in both titanium and pearl-white titanium finishes.  The watch continues in the grand tradition of its PROMASTER forebears, which broke new ground in watchmaking innovation, winning admiration from professionals for supreme durability, superior functionality, as well as the ability to capture the imagination.
First marketed in 1989, the original ALTICHRON was a ground breaking CITIZEN watch featuring superior altimeter functions that became one of the hallmark models of the PROMASTER brand. This new model builds on the ALTICRHON tradition, adding the latest CITIZEN technologies, such as Eco-Drive* technology that powers the watch using any light source. These enhancements along with a sophisticated design that plays to the wearer’s spirit of adventure — which won the Good Design Award** 2013 — make this watch worthy as a CITIZEN flagship model.
The altitude and depth measuring capability reaches as much as 10,000 meters, higher than any mountain on the planet, and as deep as 300 meters below sea level. Rather than displayed digitally in an LCD, all the information regarding altitude or direction is shown as an analog representation, making it possible to keep time display as the main function.
The colour and shape of the hands are designed to make it easy for a wearer to read multiple types of information at a glance. For example, colours for indexes on the dial and hand are coded by function. In spite of its sophisticated capability to display a complex array of information, once a user understands how to read the watch operation becomes very easy.
*: Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial
light source, eliminating the need for batteries.
**: The Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation
system in Japan since 1957. Many companies and designers from both inside and outside of Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry of quality of light through the design. “G Mark,” the symbol of the award has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design, and about 1,000 items are approved each year, or about 38,000 in total over the last 55 years.
Product features
■ Altimeter delivers an operational range from 300 meters below sea level to 10,000 meters of elevation, and electronic compass measures geomagnetism with built-in magnetic sensor to determine the direction.
■ Can display direction or altitude simultaneously with the time.
■ At the push of a single button, direction can be displayed while measuring depth and elevation.
■ Vividly colored indexes and hands ensure precise visibility.
■ Watch case finely crafted from CITIZEN’s exclusive titanium materials
■ The wavelike shape of the side view owes its inspiration to jet streams, which adds an accent to the round case
Since 1989, PROMASTER has been highly acclaimed for its supreme durability and functionality. It has been categorized as “LAND” for climbing mountains, “MARINE” for diving into the sea, and “SKY” for flying in the sky. Each category prepares three levels as Standard, Expert and Premier to meet the demands of all types of users from beginners to professionals. From 2013, the renewed PROMASTER extends its bold legend by infusing “imagination” into its persona, reflecting aspirations toward exploring infinite new territories.

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