Colorado Company Offers Business Opportunities to Capitalize on a Growing Market

Colorado company, Payroll Vault, has recently launched a franchise model and the opportunity is being made available to the public. With a fine-tuned business model and large support system backing the franchise model, the goal of offering franchise opportunities is to give franchise purchasers a system to capitalize on a growing market.

Littleton, CO, January 17, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) - R. Sean Manning, President and CPA of Manning Company and Owner of Payroll Vault, has developed a new approach to offering payroll services to businesses. In 2008, Manning Company PC successfully created and branded Payroll Vault as a separate payroll service division.

With the rapid success of Payroll Vault and national recognition of his company in the October 2011 edition of the publication CPA Advisor, Manning decided to take his vision to the next level. Beginning with a launch in October 2012, Payroll Vault is now being offered as a franchise to the general public. With a successful model backing the franchise and an immense and continuously expanding market, the Payroll Vault franchise received attention prior to launch with the on-boarding of two franchisees; one in Ft. Collins and one in Denver. Currently, two more franchises in Colorado have been purchased along with franchises in both Missouri and Arkansas. By offering Payroll Vault as a franchise, Manning is granting interested parties such as accountants, prospective business owners, and even recent college graduates, a way to tap into additional revenue streams with a low investment.

"When investigating the advantages to buying a franchise over starting your own business (or payroll company), there are certain considerations to keep in mind. A lot of the leg work has already been done for you so you can immediately capitalize on the market. Brand recognition is critical to any business and Payroll Vault has gained this success on a national level. With a franchise opportunity, there are fewer barriers to entry, a growing market segment, a way to develop stronger relationships, and new opportunities in traditional areas. If a business owner is looking to tap into the same market with a similar business model, they can expect to spend an upwards of $46,200 and over 1270 hours on basic marketing and operations setup. Even with that initial investment there is still uncertainty in regards to their success. There's a lot of potential in the payroll market and I want to extend the opportunity," states R. Sean Manning.

When considering buying a franchise, often there are questions that arise. Even before one begins the first few steps in investigating the purchase of a franchise, Manning offers free consultations to prospective franchisees. A thorough training course in conjunction with a detailed instruction manual is also provided to help franchisees hit the ground running. The in-depth training offers both hands-on and in-class training from experts who currently work for Payroll Vault. The instruction manual designed by Payroll Vault offers step-by-step help and advice to new franchise owners.

About Payroll Vault:
Payroll Vault was created to serve specific payroll service needs of business owners with employees. The company's main goal and mission lies in providing quality payroll services and solutions, complemented with outstanding customer service. Web based and paperless technology is a business focus designed to better serve employers and their employees in the most efficient manner. Payroll Vault is one of the national leaders within the independent payroll service providers industry. The company's goal is to get payroll processing done correctly so business owners can know that their payroll service solutions are managed professionally. Payroll Vault's staff is experienced, well trained, and supports the goal to develop strong customer relationships by offering the best customer service in the industry.

About Colorado payroll services company:
Colorado payroll services company specializing in payroll processing for SMBs. We offer a variety of services while providing technology-based solutions and a superb client experience.
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