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Aspose.Pdf for .NET now enables .NET developers to determine PDF generation progress and introduced a new feature for controlling image quality when adding a stamp.

Lane Cove, NSW, Australia., April 30, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -

The latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET (9.1.0) has been released. For the last few releases, Aspose developers have been specifically working on improving our PDF to HTML conversion feature and in this release; they have made few more great improvements to this feature. When converting large PDF files to HTML in C#/.NET format, user sometimes want to determine the progress of the conversion. For example, it might be important to show the progress of conversion (number of pages converted).
Please visit the following topic of detailed information on determining PDF to HTML conversion in .NET progress.
With this latest release, now the HTML-results contain inline-styles with attributes. In this new release, they have also introduced a feature for controlling image quality when adding a stamp. It indicates the quality of image in percent (valid values are 0..100). When adding metadata to PDF files, user can create/register a new metadata namespace with a prefix.
Recently they received a requirement to completely remove SVG images from the PDF to HTML conversion process. In order to accomplish this requirement, a new member of the enumeration HtmlSaveOptions.RasterImagesSavingModes has been introduced. They used to have a feature for rendering a table on a new page when using the Aspose.Pdf.Generator namespace.
Starting with this release, they also have introduced a new property named IsInNewPage in the BaseParagraph class to provide an option to render table in new page. They have introduced a new class named DocMDPSignature and the enumeration DocMDPAccessPermissions to provide the feature to digitally sign PDF files. Also they have added the IsCertified property to the PdfFileSignature class. Along with the new features and enhancements listed above, they have made numerous improvements in PDF to HTML conversion, HTML to PDF conversion, image to PDF and PDF to image conversion, stamping PDF files, manipulating text inside PDF documents, PDF to XPS conversion, image and text extraction and various other features.
The list of important new and improved features is given below:

  • Control image quality when adding image stamps
  • Determine the progress of PDF file generated
  • PDF to HTML - Place css styles for text position info as an inline style
  • insert metadata with prefix
  • Progress details of PDF to HTML generation
  • PDF to HTML - Completely remove SVG from the rendering process
  • Implement IsInNewPage property for paragraph
  • PDF to HTML conversion using Streams
  • Digital sign a password protected Pdf Document
  • PDF to HTML - set unique ID for resultant files
  • PDF to HTML conversion: API should specify all sizes and coordinates in EM
  • PDF to HTML: saveOptions.ExplicitListOfSavedPages should save html with page number prefix
  • PDF to HTML conversion: Add page number as prefix to css files
  • PDF to HTML conversion: Add page number as prefix to image resoruces
  • Improved PDF signing feature
  • Image Inserted to PDF getting blur is now fixed
  • Getting corrupt Pdfs when converting BMP files is now fixed
  • Japanese characters mangling issue is fixed when converting HTML file into PDF
  • Evaluation watermark is now appearing when converting PDF to DOC in Trial mode
  • Russian Unicode text now extracted correctly
  • Aspose.Pdf Generator generates empty file if ListSection were used
  • HTML to PDF: sub bullets style is now being honored
  • PDF to TIFF - First page appears blank is now fixed
  • HTML to PDF: distorted form is now resolved
  • PDF to PNG - Contents missing on resultant images is fixed
  • Encrypting a signed PDF document invalidates the signature
  • HTML to PDF - Missing text and weird layout is fixed
  • ExportXML/ImportXML methods are now corrected
  • HTML to PDF: Resultant document is being truncation is now fixed
  • HTML to PDF [DOM]: Data is being lost and table borders missing are fixed
  • PDF to PNG: resolved document text is misplacing and reversing
  • PDF Sign Page and Document methods kills w3wp.exe process.
  • Text Formatting now working when using IsHtmlTagSupported
  • HTML to PDF - Formatting is not preserved during conversion
  • Problem extracting pages from PDF file is resolved
  • PDF to XPS – problem fixed while printing resultant files
  • Replaceable Symbol issue in HTML to PDF (DOM)
  • Setting source fields value now update formula field automatically
  • HTML to PDF (DOM): Page size issue is resolved
  • Japanese text now extracted
  • XSL-FO to PDF conversion: adding footer on last page only
  • PDF to Image conversion: loses contents is fixed
  • PDF to PDFA2b results into a scrambled PDF
  • Problem while enabling the PDF signing is now resolved
  • First page corruption issue is fixed if we make any change in the PDF
  • PDF to TIFF: output image loss text is now fixed
  • PDF to TIFF conversion results incorrect image is now fixed
  • PDF to DOC conversion issue with lines is fixed
  • PDF to DOC/DOCX: Text alignment is corrected
  • Flatten method is missing Ink annotation
  • PDF to PNG: output image mingles is fixed
  • An error occurs when printing the PDF file is now fixed
  • Form field do not appear selected when viewing in Foxit Reader
  • XPS to PDF - Bookmarks not being honored
  • Exception while adding Stamp to PDF file
  • PDF concatenation - Error viewing resultant PDF
  • Concatenating Tagged file results into non-tagged file.
  • Links are now detected if it is in table or header in a PDF file
  • Annotation import - cloud outbox is changed to straight line
  • Unable to clear Properties on subsequent calls is now fixed
  • Fixed issues: Image was only appearing on first page
  • Object issue is fixed and now can be used in PDF document
  • Problem fixed for creating multiple tables in PDF

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.
Newly added documentation pages and articles
Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Pdf for .NET documentation that may guide user briefly how to use Aspose.Pdf for performing different tasks like the followings.

Overview: Aspose.Pdf for .NET
Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf component for the creation and manipulation of Pdf documents without using Adobe Acrobat. Create PDF by API, XML templates & XSL-FO files. It supports form field creation, PDF compression options, table creation & manipulation, graph objects, extensive hyperlink functionality, extended security controls, custom font handling, add or remove bookmarks; TOC; attachments & annotations; import or export PDF form data and many more. Also convert HTML, XSL-FO and MS WORD to PDF.

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