Council Seeks Member Ratification of Amendment to Bylaw 3 – Election to Council

In January 2014, Council approved in principle amendments to Bylaw 3 – Election to Council, and directed that a consultation process be undertaken with the membership and key stakeholders. To this end, an article on the proposed amendments was published in the March/April edition of Innovation and the matter was raised with the Nominating Committee, branches and the association’s past presidents.


Bylaw 3 directs how the Council nomination and election process is to be managed. This bylaw outlines the structure of the Nominating Committee and the procedures it must follow in nominating a slate of candidates for election to Council; how members may be nominated by the membership-at-large; and how the voting process and reporting of results must be done.


This bylaw has not been revised for many years and as such it requires modernization to better reflect the current profile of our membership, best practice for regulatory bodies and the needs of the association.


Following consideration of the input received through the consultation process, Council will seek member ratification of amendments to Bylaw 3 that:

  • Increase the number of members on the Nominating Committee from 12 to 14. The additional committee members will be appointed by Council;

  • Require at least one P.Geo. and one P.Eng. to be appointed to the Nominating Committee;

  • Require that nominees and their nominators be in good standing regardless of how they are nominated;

  • Remove the prescriptive requirements for nominating members in specific disciplines and instead articulate the need for diversity;

  • Update the ballot counting process to recognize that there is no longer a ballot counting committee as the voting process is now electronic;

  • Broaden who may announce the result of the election at the AGM. Currently the bylaw dictates that the Chair of the meeting must perform this function.

In order for the bylaw to pass, two-thirds of members voting must be in favour of the amendment. Line by line detail on the amendment will be published this fall with the Council Election and Bylaw Vote information.