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Montessori Method of education of Crayons Montessori is a child centred educational approach developed by Maria Montessori. This method of education is around a century old and is used to impart education in many parts of the world. This method has been established by proper evaluation and observation of people from birth till adulthood.


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In Montessori education, a learning environment is developed which enables children to develop a positive attitude towards education. Children are taught to be emotionally, mentally, physically and socially strong. A varied range of practices and activities are conducted in the Montessori Method of education.

Montessori education not only believes in developing a child’s intellect but it also focuses on the overall personality development. The Crayons Montessori School is a Montessori school in South Delhi which strives hard to provide its students the correct and most appropriate environment for learning. The Montessori School in Hauz Khas always tries to make children curious about everything around them. They also do not teach children to get totally dependent on their teacher. However, the teacher is always around them to help them in the inclusive learning school in Delhi.

The Montessori School in South Delhi uses various models, tools and equipments to make children understand everything in a practical manner. Designed materials such as huge wooden maps and abacuses are used to elaborate concepts. The teachers show children the correct way of using the models but children are made to practice everything by themselves. The inclusive learning school in Delhi is strictly against the conventional practice of making children mug up things which should be absorbed by the mind. The Montessori School in Hauz Khas does not make children forcefully sit the way traditional schooling system does. The inclusive learning school in Delhi does not believe in restricting children unnecessarily. Rather, the Montessori School in South Delhi lets children interact with each other for his/her own personal and social development. Groups of children, based on their age, are created which enables the older children to teach various things to the younger ones. However, additional support of teachers is always there. Children at the Montessori School in South Delhi are given the choice to decide what they want to learn at a given period of time. The students are given more resources and motivation to continue doing what attracts them the most. No child is forced to do what he/she doesn’t want to. But children in the inclusive learning school in Delhi are always encouraged to seek knowledge and education from every field. The teachers act as a guide to them.

The teachers at Montessori School in Hauz Khas do not use red pens to point out a child’s mistakes from the work he does. Rather, the pupil is observed carefully and special plans and projects are formulated by the teachers to help the child improve. Also, the teachers at the Montessori School in South Delhi do not prescribe children as to what they should do and how much. They simply let children explore everything and respect the way a child wishes to complete his/her tasks.

The inclusive learning school in Delhi does not prepare a mark sheet which displays the marks a student gets in examinations. The Montessori School in Hauz Khas considers this system as a way which usually lowers the self esteem of children and make them mug up instead of understanding and learning lessons. The progress and performance of children in the Montessori School in South Delhi is recorded on the basis of teacher’s daily observation and the practical performance of the students.

The inclusive learning school in Delhi gives more priority to the children’s attitude towards various things in life. In the Montessori School in Hauz Khas, children are taught to be happy, well mannered, motivated, confident and curious. They are not merely “trained”, rather, they are taught with the importance of practical skills and good qualities of an ideal human being. Children are provided with the opportunity to acquire quality education in the Montessori School in South Delhi.

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