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More than 60 youth from 11 area development programmes of Albania and Kosovo participated in this World Vision’s sixth annual Youth Conference. They came to learn: how to plan new initiatives for their communities; to manage their emotions in different situations, as well as to create healthy relationships with each other.  The overall theme of the conference was “Random Acts of Kindness”

For the first time, three graduated youth played the role of communicators taking on the role of documenting the conference. They were equipped and trained to be able to lead the video recording process, to take photos during each section, and to spread the information to a larger online audience, using social networks.

The conference lasted three days and allowed youth time to reflect on the past year’s initiatives and make more plans for the new year ahead. “We have visions and we’ll give all the needed commitment to make both our dreams and plans come true,” says Erisiena, 17, from the Librazhd Area Development Programme (ADP) after the conference had begun.

While learning how to undertake new initiatives, youth shared their ideas and desires as to what is important to be changed and the correct way to go about making the change. “In this unjust society let’s help [those] whose smiles that has vanished,” said the youth of Dibra ADP with one voice “My dream is that peace flows everywhere in Kosovo and Albania,” says Taulant, 15, a youth from Kosovo, who attended the conference for the first time.

Their plans and dreams are many. Youth have their own models and examples of great people where they find encouragement and they desire to make a difference like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King—the two most popular examples in the conference.

During the time that the youth spent together they became part of different groups focused on gender inequalities and emotional management. Through exercises they reflected on their actions in regard to judging others because of the different gender and background. At the end of the conference, the youth made lists of inappropriate actions and tore them, as a symbol of changing their mind sets.  

“This is the sixth national youth conference World Vision is organizing for youth from [across] Albania and Kosovo,” says Jurgena Hajdaraj, Youth Manager for World Vision Albania and Kosovo. “We aim that these 60 youth learn something new from the sessions and lead by kindness  and commitment  [and that] they will spread [these values] with their peers, their families, in school and in the wider community,” she added.

There is nothing easy about putting on their initiative yet it is easy to see from the look on their faces that the hard work was worth it. Some of the youth from Shkodra ADP organized a concert for a talented child with disability to be able to sing and show the world her musical talents. Together the youth advocated and made Fationa’s dream come true.

With the theme, “Let’s do more for the children with different abilities! The youth of Shkodra ADP encouraged everyone at the conference to undertake similar initiatives.

“If we, youth, work hard we can achieve everything," says Anxhela from Korça ADP, one of the most active youth in her area. In the past year, Anxhela and the youth of Korça helped many poor families distributing food and clothes to poor children and adults in the Libonik village.

“This conference filled me with hope, faith and assurance that the future won’t be anything more than super beautiful,” says Ilda, 19, as she looks at the other youth. Ilda was one of the trained youth with the Communications skills to open a Facebook page for the youth forum and develop it with more new information after the conference ended.

“It is the first time I am recording videos in a big conference where all my friends are present,” says Diamant, 19, of Librazhd ADP, a talented boy who conducted the video recording process. “The energy and the passion of the youth is making my work even easy,” he ends smiling.

As the conference ended, youth took with themselves all the knowledge, ideas and inspiration to put into practice in their areas. . Their eyes were shining as they said good- bye to each other hoping to meet again the coming year with new achievements and plans.

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