Cyclocross Hawkes Bay Round 4 Recap

A cold crisp day greeted the keen Cyclocross Hawkes Bay racers today as they took on the course at the Hawkes Bay Showgrounds.  Those building to the Nationals in two weeks’ time made the most of the flat course to get some speed into the legs. 

Riding in an anti-clockwise direction, the course utilised many trees on the picturesque grounds as the A and B graders zigzagged their way around the course. Some off-camber sections behind a building didn’t slow the skilled riders but required some concentration as the lines became a bit greasy and caught many by surprise. The main feature of the course, and where most of the spectators gathered was the “lump and ditch” which had some soft sand to test the technique.  A few running taps around the stock yards made the compulsory mud pit a bit of fun and finishing off with a spiral made it a varied and enjoyable course for everyone. Some riders were lucky enough to get cash prizes handed out on course by the famous local CX Heckler.

B grade is definitely the grade to be in with 29 riders gunning for the first corner – it seems that the start is a crucial point in a relatively short race as riders sort themselves out when the narrow sections limit the room on the course.  While the open stretches gave those on cyclocross an advantage (arguably) the mountain bikers may have found that their wide tyres and smaller gears helpful on the ditch crossings.  Flynn Fierro, Guy Strang and Carl McParlan took out the top three placings with Natalie Kerwin following up her win from Lagoon Farm.

A grade was once again won by local hero Gary Hall, but not without a challenge put up by young Woodville mountain biker Gareth Cannon, whom led for the first 2 laps after taking the hole shot from the gun and eventually finishing in 3rd place, with Hastings rider Dan Warren placing a consistent in 2nd.

A huge field of 24 keen kids braved the cold and zoomed around the spiral in the 7 and under race.  Heaps of cheering from all the friends and family meant there were smiles on all the faces because you can’t help but have a blast outside on your bike – am I right?? George Stent proved strongest with Dalton Lee holding on for second and Joseph Mullis in a close third.  An impressive ride from Amy Nicoll placed her fourth overall.

Just to test the bigger kids, they covered some extra ground with long straights and slippery leaves as well as the spiral.  A smaller field of eight still meant the competition was fierce with Joshua Moroney taking the win from Karson Vesty and Toby Evans in a well-deserved third.  Hirane Williams represented girl power splendidly finishing sixth.

Our next race will be held on Sunday 10 August, at Roys Hill Reserve. This will be the Endura NZ Cyclocross Champs, and we will hold kids races and Allcomers racers on the day also.

Entries for Endura CX Nationals close Saturday 2 August, click here to enter:

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Kids Under 8 Years

1 George Stent 2 Dalton Lee 3 Joseph Mullis 4 Amy Nicoll 5 Sofia Vesty 6 Patrick Farquhar 7 Lachie Leitch 8 Ciara Palmer 9 Luka Andrews 10 Ben MacKenzie 11 Lara Nicoll 12 Elise Hooper 13 Finn Hennesey 14 Alex MacKenzie 15 Bethan Mullis 16 Caleb Palmer 17 Tilly Jones 18 Khalil zAlexander 19 Cameron Leitch 20 Adam Mulliss 21 Rueben Sheeran 22 Ash Hennessy 23 Jade Evans 24 Tahlia Evans

Kids 8 Years +

1 Joshua Moroney 2 Karson Vesty 3 Toby Evans 4 Lochlan Stent 5 James Hooker 6 Hirane Williams  7 Wills Moroney 8 Sam Sheeran 9 Corbin Lee 10 Joshua Farquhar

A Grade

1 Gary Hall 2 Dan Warren 3 Gareth Cannon 4 Alex Fierro 5 Kieran Foley 6 Dean Oliver 7 Doug McIntosh 8 Tony Hooper 9 Mike Garrity 10 Mark Coombe 11 Carl Paton DNF Damien Lysaght

B Grade

1 Flynn Fierro 2 Guy Strang 3 Carl McParlan 4 Stephen Hulena 5 Chris Shaw 6 Ricko Mills 7 Stephen Holdsworth 8 Jason Stent 9 Brent Chamberlain 10 Paul Gouldsbrough 11 Natalie Kerwin 12 Paul Harvey 13 Hayley Davis 14 Craig Hill 15 Matthew Krebs 16 Brett Hooker 17 Laura Harris 18 David Lay 19 James Harvey 20 Mitchel Heney 21 Owen Mullis 22 Lewis Sheeran 23 Ben Gouldsbrough 24 Delwyn Gouldsbrough 25 Jono Williams 26 Kiri Gouldsbrough DNF Gemma Newland DNF John Harte DNF Willem Bruins