Daegis Streamlines Archive Collections for eDiscovery

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Daegis Archive Clients Can Easily Extract eDiscovery-ready Collections for Litigation

IRVING, Texas Dec. 5, 2013 – Daegis (NASDAQ: DAEG), a leading provider of eDiscovery and information management software and services, today announced that the Daegis AXS-One archive now delivers eDiscovery-ready custodian-level collections. 

New functionality in the Daegis AXS-One Case Manager module enables organization to more quickly and easily identify and collect archive data responsive to litigation or investigations. Using powerful search tools built into the archive user interface, clients can find, tag and collect data subject to a hold order. At the time of extraction, the archive, collects and packages this data by custodian for loading into the hosted eDiscovery platform, Daegis Edge, without requiring further manipulation of the data. Using a hosted review platform for eDiscovery frees organizations from maintaining in-house software while giving them complete access and control of the review and production processes and of their data.

“With the proliferation of data in most organization the time it takes to identify, collect, process and load case data before you can begin your review can be significant,” states Deborah Jillson, President of Daegis Archive and eDiscovery. “Reducing the time, effort and cost of this process helps our client’s manage the risks and cost of litigation and investigations. Delivering products that simplify our client’s workflows and drive operational efficiencies is what Daegis is all about.”

Daegis streamlines the process of identifying responsive data in the archive and makes it readily available for eDiscovery without extra steps or moving the data through various software tools before it can be reviewed. Organizations have complete control of the discovery process from start to finish using the sophisticated case management tools built into the AXS-One archive, releasing only the data that is needed for a matter or investigation.

The combination of Daegis AXS-One Archive and the Daegis Edge eDiscovery platform provide organizations with purpose-built tools that safeguard their data in order to effectively manage information and respond to investigations and/or litigation.

About Daegis

Daegis (NASDAQ: DAEG) is a division of Daegis Inc., delivering leading-edge eDiscovery and archiving software through Daegis Edge, an end-to-end platform for managing the eDiscovery life cycle, Daegis Acumen technology assisted review and AXS-One enterprise information archiving. Daegis also offers data collection, analytics consulting, project management and managed document review services. Visit us at daegis.com, AXS-One.com, Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @Daegis.

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