Deep Oscillation® Intermittent Electrostatic Massage Therapy “Making Waves in Physiotherapy"

Mary Fickling
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An excellent receipe for early rehabilitation success which can be applied immediately after injury or day one post operatively to boost the natural healing process.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England., May 18, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -

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For The Therapist

One Pair Vinyl Gloves
One Electrode
One Talcum Powder
One Spiral Lead

For The Patient

One Titanium Bar

Preparation Method

Make patient comfortable on massage couch and hand patient titanium bar to hold loosely in palm of hand.  Apply talc to area. Start massage in the direction of lymphatic flow, amend frequency according to condition or choose preprogrammed condition.  Relax and watch the pattern created in the talcum powder as DEEP OSCILLATION® gently lifts and drops the tissue layers up to 250 times a second to an 8cm depth.


DEEP OSCILLATION® causes a >>shuffling<< of the basic substance.  Because of this mechanical activation the septa of initial lymphatics are kept open.   The removal of intersitial fluid and content material are accelerated significantly, reducing local odedema, inflammation and pain.  In chronic conditions it helps to disperse fibrosis and scar tissue.

Gentle non-invasive treatment boosts the natural healing process by 50% making more active forms of physiotherapy possible than has previously been possible with conventional methods.


DEEP OSCILLATION® does not contain nuts but HCP's should be aware of the following:


Serving Suggestions

A glass of water

If you would like more information about how to get the ingredients or a demo please contact  or call 0115 9167 685


About Us

PhysioPod® UK Ltd (approved NHS Suppliers) are now in their 8th year of trading. Directed by sisters, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling, PhysioPod® exclusively supply the UK and Ireland with internationally patented DEEP OSCILLATION®.  Non-invasive, non-traumatic, electrostatic impulses are delivered through vinyl gloves or applicator heads that also enable self-management of Lymphoedema/Lipoedema/Arthritis/Fibromylagia and other occupational conditions and sporting injuries.   Gentle impulses permeate an 8 cm depth through all tissue layers; skin, sub-coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels, with clinically proven effects in the connective tissue.  

The deep resonant vibrations cause a systematic attraction and release of the tissues activating the body’s lymphatic system, making it the tool of choice for many MLD practitioners/NHS clinics and hospices. Defined as a ‘state-of-the-art’ therapeutic technique (no heat, no electrical stimulation and safe over implanted pins and plates) this intermittent therapy can also be found at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, in elite sporting backrooms (football, rugby, cricket), with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists. Many Equine therapists are delighted to add this tool to their techniques too with horses very accepting of the technique.  Used Day 1 post-surgically, it significantly reduces pain, swelling, bruising, removing excess cellular matter, fluids and protein solids from the tissue, promoting mobility and sensitivity, in a much quicker time frame than has previously been possible with conventional therapies resulting in less and smoother scar tissue.


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