Delcam Italia to show latest CADCAM for mouldmakers at MECSPE

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Delcam Italia will demonstrate the latest releases in its range of CADCAM software for toolmakers, mouldmakers and production machining companies at the MECSPE exhibition to be held in Parma, Italy, from 17th to 19th March.  New releases will be on show of the modelling-for-manufacture CAD system, PowerSHAPE, the PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems, and the PowerINSPECT inspection software.

The 2016 release of PowerSHAPE Pro software helps users to complete complex tooling designs more quickly and more easily.  In addition, a combination of new, more efficient, code and the extension of multi-threaded calculations to many commonly-used tasks will make the software significantly faster than any previous version.

One key enhancement allows groups of features to be copied between two solids in a single operation.  While the features do not need to be of the same type, the most common application is expected to be in copying patterns of holes from one solid to another, for example, from one mould plate to any other plate in the mould stack.

The main enhancement in PowerMILL 2016 is the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and to maintain automatically the machining characteristics, for example to specify automatically whether climb or conventional milling should be used in each section of the toolpath.  Previously, only individual toolpaths could be mirrored.

Automatic mirroring saves considerable time whenever tooling is needed to produce right- and left-hand versions of a part.  It will also be faster to program the machining of moulds for symmetrical objects since it will be possible to program one half of the core or cavity and then mirror the toolpaths to generate the complete program.

A new PowerMILL module for creating ribs in tooling makes it much easier and safer to program the machining of cavities for narrow ribs, even when the cutter’s length is much greater than its diameter.  Using the dedicated rib-machining strategy gives a better surface finish than using standard finish-machining options and also improves efficiency by limiting the number of air moves.

More five-axis machining functionality is the main addition in the latest release of the FeatureCAM automated programming software.  Other enhancements include improved control and simulation capabilities for multi-axis machines, plus options to reduce both programming and machining times.

One of the new options to allow more efficient machining is curve sorting, which has been added to give better control of the order for machining multiple curves within a single feature.  This can be set automatically using options including ascending or descending in X, Y or Z, or using the shortest path to achieve the quickest cycle time.

The latest release of PowerINSPECT makes it easier to complete fast and accurate inspection of complex assemblies, including mould tools.  The main improvements includes greatly enhanced options for section measurement, more comprehensive collision avoidance, improved point cloud inspection, the ability to add notes to reports, and improved user control of CNC surface inspection routines.

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