Digislide Establishes Joint Venture “Ultimate Projection Limited” Incorporated

Digislide Holdings Limited (Digislide) and Beryl’s World are pleased to announce the incorporation of Ultimate Projection Limited (Ultimate Projection). Ultimate Projection is the Delaware incorporated Joint Venture through which the non-exclusive licence agreement for marketing, distribution and sales of Digislide’s projection products for mobile gaming, consumer and professional markets will operate. The intention to establish the Joint Venture was originally announced to the market on 22nd December, 2010.

Flinders Park, Australia, February 19, 2011 (PressReleasePoint) -- Ultimate Projection is now part of the Beryl’s World global marketing consortium which is comprised of 22 autonomous companies, active in 22 countries across a wide range of business sectors, and 1,250 employees located across the United States of America.

As such, Ultimate Projection will now be the beneficiary of multimedia marketing services, focusing on unique targeted media, including on-line selling, radio and TV broadcasting, and marketing through print media.

This will include feature exposures on up to 800,000 websites, a 5 minute net-fomercial, Press Releases to 100,000 media outlets and 12,000 on-line newspapers.

Digislide products will also feature on 30 and 60 second spots on radio and television through an independent network of 20 million households and an ethnic network of 30 million households.

Digislide products will also be submitted to relevant retail chains and up to 700 product catalogues.

Company auditors, Cohen, Engel & Albert, Independent Certified Public Accountants, are responsible for maintaining the Joint Venture’s financial operations.

All profits from sales are to be split equally between the two Joint Venture Partners, with any expenditures to be mutually agreed upon.

About Ultimate Projection Limited
Ultimate Projection Limited is a Joint Venture established between Beryl’s World and Digislide Holdings Limited.
It’s sole purpose is for the marketing, distribution and sales of Digislide projection products for mobile gaming, consumer and professional markets.

The offices of Ultimate Projection Limited are at the following location:-
The Pavilion,
261 Old York Road
Suite 930
Philadelphia 19046

About Digislide
Digislide is an innovative Australian based company with an extensive Intellectual Property portfolio and proven capacity to design, develop and commercialise complex projection products. The technologies have wide patent protection and have already received international acclaim.

Digislide’s strategy is to licence manufacturers to produce miniature projection systems for embedding in mobile and/or hand held communication devices, such as mobile phones, PDA’s and notebook computers, and its tactical focus has been to design hand held projectors which complement and interface with 5 of the world’s biggest selling electronic devices; Apple’s iPHONE™ and iPOD™, Nintendo’s Wii™, Sony’s Playstation™ suite and Microsoft’s XBox 360™.

Following the convergence of projection, telecommunications, mobile gaming, and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technologies VSDN Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary) was incorporated.
Virtual Streaming Distribution Network (VSDN) technologies remove the perception of the Internet as “the digital divide” and enable it to be “the fourth utility”. IPTV brings access to information, education, entertainment, health and wellbeing to a commodity level.

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