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Distribute press release to a customized list of online and print media. Distribution plan starts from very low price.

Getting media coverage is a sure-fire way to become popular and generate more business. You want media to say nice and interesting things about your business. Unfortunately garnering media attention is not a cake walk. You have lot of work to do - analyze your news, understand the media, pick appropriate publications, contact journalist, send press release, followup with them, monitor the media and track the results. It is lot of work and also distraction from your core business. Generating media buzz about your business can be better left to us.

There are over 20,000 different publications published all over the world in different forms and types. In addition to that thousands of online blogs regularly post and discuss a topic or issue in detail, some of them attract several million readers a month. Out of them, few hundred niche publications would actually find your news interesting. We can easily place your news on many niche newspapers and magazines. If your news is super interesting and lucky it will find its way to New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine etc.

If you send us a news release for distribution, we can prepare a relevant custom made list of online and print publications to send your news. We can send your press release to custom list of online and print publications where your release stands a good chance of getting published. We can do it for the lowest price. Read further for more details.

How it works?

1 . You prepare a well written and interesting press release ready for media distribution. You send it to us for distribution.
2 . We carefully read and understand your news release to select media categories relevant to your press release. Note that we accept only news worthy press release for distribution. It can not be an article or blatant business promotion. br/> 3 . We search media database to find publications in selected categories. (Links to some media directories is given below this page.)
4 . We prepare a list of companies and competitors who have business with characteristics similar to your business.
5 We search news and article database to find publications that publish news from companies and competitors with business similar to yours.
6 . We search miscellaneous categories in media database to find more publications interested in publishing your news release.
7 .Blogs in selected categories for posting your news is found by searching the blog database.
8 . Finally we consolidate everything and prepare a rough draft of custom list of online and print publications for sending your news release.
9 . This rough draft is sent to you. This list will have 50 or more publications. You have to review and suggest changes to the list.
10. Your suggestion for addition or deletion is used to revise the target list of publications. You approve the final list of publications for sending your news.
11. Your press release is sent to news editors of publications in the target list. We either email the press release personally to news editors addressing by their name or visit their website to submit the news release or both.
12. We monitor each publication in our target list for placement of your press release.
13. We followup with news editors to remind them if your news is not published.
14. If requested, we help editors with more information, image, quotes or interviews.
15. A note of thanks is sent once your news is published.
16. Finally we send you a report with list of links to your press release published on various online publications.

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Here is a sample list of media database we use to find appropriate publications for publishing your press release.
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