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How do we create a great press release that will draw in targeted traffic? For good examples, read and learn from model press releases that will usually appear on the first page when you do a search using: "Your Keyword" + "Press Release"

It is a little different when you compare it to writing articles. It is mainly used to announce or broadcast events, benefits and any issue pertaining to a business. You’ll do well to keep it formal and attend to your language use... spelling, punctuation and grammar. Restrain yourself if you feel too poetic or extra-technical =)

Press release standards could be quite strict. Find out what you can or cannot write. Study the role models like a good student would and you should be fine. Your PR should be short (about 300 to 400 words) and to the point. Do not over-elaborate. Just list out your points clearly.

Imagine you're Clark Kent and be professional, diplomatic and journalistic. Now, if writing a press release isn't your forte, outsource it and pay the person well. You might want to contact the editorial board/department of the press release site to see if your Clark Kent were able to meet their judging criteria. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Press releasing is a solid way to get your opportunity out to the masses. Paying for this kind of marketing is highly recommended. Use the upgrade options to send out your press release if you want to target and reach a bigger audience.

Free submissions do have their limitations although they can also work. If you're looking for significant growth, pay for it. Your return on investment is good using press release. Paying for editing qualifies your press release for more heavy duty distribution to the major portals etc. and does make a difference in search engine ranking. So, pay and broadcast your way to riches!

Now, publishing articles, as we know, are a great way to reach your target market... and know this: Press releasing can be a great way to push up your articles' ranking in the search engines with just a simple linkup to your favourite article!

Press releases somehow rank better than articles with the search engines, Google in particular. They are often spydered as content sources for feeds syndication etc. Thus, linking a site or a blog or an article post in your press releases is a great way to rank it up as well!

Here are some Press Release submission sites:

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