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Donate today and double your impact. Colgate® Total®, one of our national sponsors, issued a challenge: if we raise $50,000 by the end of the month, they will donate an additional $50,000 in recognition of American Diabetes Month. Please don't wait, donate today.


Everyday Reality of Diabetes

Managing diabetes is a 24/7 burden that can affect every decision a person makes. For 30 million Americans, including Winston Duke's mother, there's no cure yet. But there are ways we can help – and prevent it from becoming the everyday reality of millions more.

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Let's Beat it Together

The American Diabetes Association leads the battle against diabetes by funding research for prevention, cure, and management; providing credible information about the disease; and giving a voice to the millions of Americans to whom living with and battling diabetes is an #EverydayReality. Defeating diabetes is a team effort. Every donation matters. Join the fight today and make a difference.






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