Drinkaware launches mobile app to help people cut down

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Drinkaware has today launched a mobile app, which enables people to track their alcohol consumption, calculate units and calories and set goals to help moderate their drinking or to stop drinking, if they wish.

The free mobile app, available initially on iPhone, allows users to track their alcohol consumption using an extensive database of alcohol brands, set personal goals based on their drinking habits and unlock achievements when making positive changes. It also has a unique pinpoint location function to provide that extra support in the places that are identified as ‘weak spots’, such as your favourite pub or the local off licence.

Other features include:

Support with regular customised feedback on progress to help users meet their goals.

  • Graphs, charts and other visual aids to show users weekly, daily and monthly alcohol consumption in relation to the level of harm it could have on their health*.
  • Food equivalents based on users alcohol and calorie intake
  • Information on the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories consumed
  • Track progress against anonymous data showing how the rest of the Drinkaware online community is getting on

Ben Butler, Head of digital atalcohol education charity Drinkaware, says:

We are delighted to be launching our new mobile app for iPhone. We know that while lots of people recognise the need to cut back on their alcohol intake, many lack the support to actually make a change.

“This app has been designed to help people change their drinking, by providing support and encouragement in a non-judgemental way at the times and locations people need it the most. Our app helps people to make positive changes in their relationship with alcohol, so they can start to enjoy the health benefits of cutting down or giving up”.




Kelly O’Sullivan Media and Public Affairs Manager on kosullivan@drinkaware.co.uk / 0207 766 9910 / 07879 844023

Sohila Sawhney Communications Officer on ssawhney@drinkaware.co.uk / 0207 766 9910 / 07917 135436

Helen O’Connor Marketing and Communications Assistant on hoconnor@drinkaware.co.uk / 0207 766 9910/ 07827 971 738

Notes to Editors:

*This is calculated in accordance with the health risk levels highlighted in the Chief Medical Officer’s daily unit guidelines, which classifies lower, increasing and higher risk drinkers as follows:

  • Lower risk drinkers: men who don't regularly drink more than three to four units and women who don't regularly drink more than two to three units of alcohol a day.
  • Increasing risk drinkers: men who regularly drink more than three to four units and
    women who regularly drink more than two to three units of alcohol a day.
  • Higher risk drinkers: men who regularly drink more than eight units a day or 50
    units a week and women who regularly drink more than six units a day or 35 units a week.

-     App is available for iPhone iOS 7 only with an Android version due in early 2015.

-     To download the app, go to the App Store and search for ‘Drinkaware’.

-     Screenshots of the app available on request.

Drinkaware is an independent organisation which aims to get people to think differently about alcohol. Our entire focus is on getting people to understand the harm it can do to their health, families and those around them. If people understand the impact drink can have, they’re more likely to make a change. An independent charity established in 2007, Drinkaware works alongside the medical profession, the alcohol industry and government to achieve its goals.  For further information visit www.drinkaware.co.uk 

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