Easy Taxi taps Smart solutions to serve Metro Manila and Cebu commuters

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by SMART Public Affairs Jul 31, 2014
[31 July 2014] Popular mobile app Easy Taxi relies on Smart Communications, Inc. to make commuting in Metro Manila and Cebu a lot easier.

Easy Taxi Philippines CEO Daniel Torres and Easy Taxi Regional Director for Asia Mario Berta say their popular app works best with Smart’s reliable and nationwidest coverage.


Getting around the metro can be quite a predicament.  With majority of the population relying on public transportation, a person’s commute becomes a daily challenge.

But all that is changing.

Recently, technology has paved the way for innovation in public transportation through Easy Taxi, a free downloadable mobile app, which is changing the way we get from point A to B in the Metro. If you need a taxi ASAP, all it takes is a couple of clicks on your mobile phone.

Breaking into its first year of operations in the Philippines, Easy Taxi is certainly not a newbie in the business of public transportation. Easy Taxi is the world’s biggest taxi application, currently providing commuters with the much needed convenience and peace of mind in 31 countries. 

Convenient and Easy

Aware that convenience is the key to attract their customers, Easy Taxi provides a service that saves you from the hassle of having to look for a cab, especially during rush hour. “We allow you to get a taxi in the comfort of your own home, your office, your gym, or a restaurant, so you don’t have to endure the long wait, out in the streets,” says Mario Berta, Regional Director for Easy Taxi Asia. 

Being a global application, the Easy Taxi app can be used in other countries at your convenience. Taking the standards of service up a notch, Easy Taxi deploys its own concierge who goes to certain sites and books taxis for employees when they leave their offices. More than the convenience it already offers, Easy Taxi values customer satisfaction, with a 24/7 customer service that its competitors do not have.

An App with a Heart

Apart from making the daily commute easier for people, Easy Taxi is a service that benefits both the passenger and the driver through driver education. It offers seminars for taxi drivers on better customer service, and linkages to technology and banking services to better handle their finances.

The delivery of our product is not just in our hands. We are a marketplace, and we serve as a link between taxi drivers and passengers,” says Daniel Torres, CEO for Easy Taxi Philippines.

Connecting with the Best to bring the Best Service

As an established frontrunner in the modernization of public transportation, Easy Taxi recognized the need for a reliable connectivity partner that would be able to provide the proficiency needed to break into the Philippine market. On its second day of operations of Easy Taxi in the country, Berta immediately asked his secretary to call Smart. As a resident of Manila for the past three and a half years, he saw for himself  the ability of Smart to provide relevant and innovative solutions to the market.

“We are picky but loyal in terms of partnerships, and we try to select partners who are instrumental to our success. We tested multiple operators, and Smart was the best in connectivity. We believe that we have a strong partnership with Smart, the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines,” Berta added. The same standards can also be found in other countries that are part of Easy Taxi’s network of elite telecom partners.

Smart Solutions

Knowing that a telecom is an instrumental partner in their line of business, Easy Taxi works with Smart on a multilevel scale, engaging in their operations and marketing departments with a variety of products and packages.

With about 2300 specially-designed SIM cards currently being used in Metro Manila and Cebu, Smart ensures that Easy Taxi is given the seamless connectivity it requires to keep things going as smoothly as possible.  Using Smart SIM cards that are embedded in the customized mobile devices, taxi drivers who use the Easy Taxi app stay connected 24/7, ensuring that whatever time of the day, they are ready to bring customers to their destination.

Easy Taxi on the other hand, is able to track and accept reservations/bookings for taxi service throughout the Philippines. Through Smart’s nationwidest coverage, and robust and reliable network, their Taxi Reservation System is made “Easy”

Aside from providing efficient connectivity with their drivers, Easy Taxi is also available with some of Smart’s packages, such as Street Plan, which was recently launched together with other popular and useful applications such as the MMDA app. With its presence being even more recognized by the commuting public, Easy Taxi attributes this immense improvement in their customer base to the efforts of Smart.

Innovating the Future

Philippines CEO Daniel Torres shares:“We are going to go beyond the consumer, we are already deploying our ETPro (Easy Taxi) in malls—a platform specifically designed to serve people in establishments that have high levels of foot traffic.”

Leading the way towards innovating public transportation on a global scale, Easy Taxi does its business in the best way possible: through Smart’s business solutions, they are able to provide a service that is convenient, comfortable, and safe so that Filipino commuters can move more, and ultimately, live more.

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