Eaton’s BECOPAD® Depth Filter Sheets Help Distiller Increase Productivity, Decrease Complexity and Retain Flavor

TINTON FALLS, N.J. … A Pennsylvania-based distiller that prides itself on producing award-winning craft beverages has turned to Eaton to help increase productivity by replacing inferior depth filter sheets that were inefficient and difficult handle. BECOPAD depth filter sheets were able to perform in an efficient manner, offering time savings and retaining the flavor that is critical to this small business’s success.

Producing a good, consistent whiskey is a complex process. One of the issues encountered during the filtration process is the appearance of the finished product. There is the question of how the whiskey should appear when it’s cold, which is really a customer preference issue that has little to do with quality. Some people do chill filtering, which means the whiskey is chilled below the freezing point of water and put it through a very fine filter that removes the large chain molecules that cause cloudiness. That alters the flavor, but a lot of people don't want their whiskey to get cloudy when it's cold.

To meet the company’s challenging filtration needs, Eaton recommended its BECOPAD depth filter sheets. The BECOPAD depth filter sheets are a new, mineral-free depth filter medium for a wide range of applications, from coarse to sterile filtration. In a special process, high-purity celluloses cross-link to form a unique structure that requires no inorganic ingredients. BECOPAD depth filter sheets are characterized by maximum purity.

Once the distiller introduced this new technology to its process, the results were evident. The BECOPAD depth filter sheets were very easy to load and unload into the filter press, considered an invaluable, time saver for the company owner and primary distiller. Additionally, filtration at higher flow rates was realized. Best of all, the flavor retention is right where they want it to be.

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News Source : Eaton’s BECOPAD® Depth Filter Sheets Help Distiller Increase Productivity, Decrease Complexity and Retain Flavor